November 22, 2010

iPhone/Smartphone Holders Galore

So yesterday, as I was browsing through countless gifts for men on Etsy, I came across so many incredibly adorable iPhone holders that I couldn't decide which ones I liked best! They didn't all necessarily fit into the men's category so I'm dedicating this post to the super creative, cute, meticulous, and simply amazing iPhone/smartphone holders I've found. Any of these would be the stocking stuffer of your teenager/fun-at-heart's dreams.

Caution - Side effects may include the experience of receiving glowing respect and admiration in the gift receiver's eyes.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Okay, this is for an iPad, but it's so awesome! Felt iPad Case

Retro TV Felt Case

Pocky iPhone Cozy

Cassette Tape iPhone Cozy

Fairytale Dreamland iPhone Case

Happy Yellow Cat iPhone Case

Gameboy iPod iPhone Pouch Cozy Case

Android Case for HTC Droid Nexus One & Eris (showing some love :)

Stormtrooper Inspired iPad Case (matching iPhone Case also available)

Spock Star Trek Inspired iPhone Case

Blueberry Toaster Pastry iPhone/Droid Felt Case

Happy Toast with Butter iPhone/Droid Felt Case

And lovahandmade (who offers many designs to choose from in her listing!)
Felt Owl iPod/iPhone/Blackberry Case (made to order)


Jodie / Lova Revolutionary said...

What cute cozies! Thanks so much for including my owl cozies! I really appreciate it!

nokomomo said...

These are so cute! Thanks for including my cases too! Spock and 'trooper are pleased hehe =)

Phatima said...


Anonymous said...

Love these cases!!!!
Thanks for finding and sharing!

Broad Paul said...

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Sweet Fairy said...

The best collection of beautiful cases. I love all these. Thanks for sharing. ucuz iphone 4