December 28, 2010

Coffee Espresso Bean Necklace

My Coffee Espresso Bean Necklace was featured on Tyss Handmade Jewelry Blog! Yay, thanks so much! Check out her blog for more pretty jewelry finds.


Liberty said...

It's beautiful!!! I just favorited your shop on etsy. You are truly talented. :)

I can't wait for crawfish season either.... we usually do a crawfish boil in the spring if we can get the mudbugs at a decent price. We skipped last year but I'm very much looking forward to this year!

yeevon said...

haha, I love how you named your necklace :D Unexpectable yet wonderfully amusing!

I haven't watched Love Actually. Instead I watched the hilarious comedy Four Christmases on Christmas Eve XD Thank you so much for letting me know that I was on Etsy FP today!! I have no idea until I saw your comment~ hehe, have a wonderful week for 2010!!

Meri said...

I love this one!

Angel.Pearls said...

Lovely -this necklace is pure, simple but very special and I love it! Happy holidays Eva