December 18, 2010

Everything You'll Need for a Glamourous New Years Eve

Christmas hasn't come yet, but it's about time to start planning for New Years Eve (because NYE means parties, pretty dresses, and cute arm candy, am I right or am I right?) Found a couple knock out dresses that I just adore on Etsy. What's great is that no one else will have a dress like yours :)

I've seen a lot of white dresses on the red carpet recently, but you can order this one in lots of other colors too!

This will be the first NYE I'm spending in New York and I don't know how people here go out in such freezing cold weather. My husband and I have spent all our past Christmas-es (is that how you write Christmas in plural?) and NYEs in San Francisco and it gets to be about 45° to 60° at night, which is just bearable enough for a cute dress and a coat. Maybe we'll just stay in and watch movies while drinking hot cocoa. Or maybe not. Hmm... is getting frozen and possibly trampled at Times Square worth the street cred? Do I feel like fumbling with a huge coat, hat, scarf, gloves, possibly boots (which wouldn't really go with a party dress), and who knows what else whenever I walk inside an establishment? Do I need to stop being so fussy and just tough it out? (nod yes).

Well, every chic and jaw-dropping outfit isn't complete without some pretty baubles. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love this necklace! That's why I made it :)

Peach Pinwheel Czech Glass Button Ring by galla15

This reminds me of waiting for the ball to drop at midnight.
Cinnamon Beaded Earrings by Lbtoyos

These next two hair clips would also look amazing as a brooch.

Let's not forget a soft rosy pout is a kissable one.
The Plan - Creamy Bronzy Red Lip Tint by bubbletub

Are you excited yet? :)


Sharon said...

Awesome selections! How wonderful that you included my bangle set in this beautiful collection!


Lbtoyos said...

Great selection!!! Lovely items for lovely shops. Thanks for include my earrings.

asdesigns said...

Great items!

galla15 said...

GORGEOUS items in here!!! Great selections.

Meri said...

I apologize profusely for the obnoxious use of capital letters above, but if I hadn't just spent a frightening amount of money on christmas gifts/ whole foods bill in the last week I would be on it like a vulture. Maybe in a few months when I've regained financial stability... it will still be there?

Also, that first yellow dress is adorable. I want that too.
Great finds!

Meri said...

I also think your "afternoon tea" necklace is awesome. It looks like a treat!

Angel.Pearls said...

Really great finds! Believe you're gonna be the 'princess of New years-parties'!! Love Eva

Divine Elegance said...

Have fun in New York

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

your blog is so nice!! i found you on the etsypreneur forum!! i'm a new follower!

In the Hammock Vintage

My First Card said...

You have really neat posts about everything that we love. thanks so much for sharing!!!

SisterBatik said...

Absolutely gorgeous selection of frocks!

ayawedding said...

how fantastic gifts
thank you so much for sharing ayawedding flower
best wishes

~Kimberly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Yummy Cuppy Crafts! I loved all these dresses! Especially the purple one and the tulle dress! Fabulous!

Pooja said...

Hi there!
I am very happy to announce that you
congratulations to you.
keep up the good posts!
Much love
Pooja -
Lightbox creative Ideas

yeevon said...

Love the yellow dress! Great color, texture and length!! I love short dresses (but not too short to give that sexy look) <3 <3

p/s: I'm following you now :D :D

Yet said...

Hey! This is Yet from 20sb on We love comments! You posted this link as your fav and I can see why! It's so colorful and fun. It sort of reminds me of spring... even though it was winter. I especially love the first dress and the black dress. I would wear either one Tomorrow! Have a great Thursday!