December 23, 2010

Featured Project: Sandy and the 1000 Paper Cranes

Here's a wonderful story to warm your heart over the holiday season. Miss Sandy, the protagonist of the 1000 Paper Cranes project, is in the process of hand-making 1000 origami paper cranes decorated with positive words, and leaving them in random locations for curious by-passers to stumble upon.

Why is she doing this? Well, she was inspired by the true story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Elanor Coerr, which was about a young woman, named Sadako, who developed leukemia after the Hiroshima bombing. According to Japanese folklore, folding 1000 paper cranes allows the folder one wish, so Sadako attempted the overwhelming task with the hope of beating cancer. Sadly she only lived to make 644 cranes, but her family and friends completed the remaining cranes in her memory.

Sandy plans to "release" her cranes in 1000 different locations and hopes that people who see the cranes will be influenced in a positive way.

I had a few questions for Sandy (because I'm a ball of curiosity) and she was kind enough to answer them! I'd like to share this little interview with you :)

Many people are inspired by stories, but few take action to bring stories to life. What was the catalyst that sprang you into action?
The inspiration for my project came from the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. I wanted to do a similar project but write positive words on it and release them. I've always been a fan of pay it forward positivity sorts of things and wanted to do something of my own. However, I wanted to make sure that it actually was doable. I promised myself that if I could actually come up with 1000 positive words, I'd go through with the project. And after nearly a year of compiling, I found myself with 1000 positive words.

Have many of the cranes you've released so far made it back into your radar (via responses from finders or through other ways)?
I've had 2 responses so far from my project. Both people seemed to be very deserving of the specific crane they found and were able to draw meaning from it.

How do you think or hope the finders will feel in response to these little gifts?
I hope the finders will feel positive or take something positive away from finding a crane. My wish is that they will think about the positive word and apply it to their lives, give it their own meaning. With the 2 that have gotten back to me, that has been the case.

Do you have a wish after you make your 1000th crane? Care to share?
I don't actually have a wish right now. It depends how long it takes me as to what I'll wish for!

What do you think will happen when you finish your mission?
I am hoping to come up with some sort of other project/mission when my current crane project is finished. I have some ideas rolling around in my head, but I think it will be a while before my current mission is done.

Thank you Sandy for sharing your thoughtful project with us! To learn more about Sandy's mission, you can visit her blog at Through her website, you can follow the adventures of each of her cranes, learn 1000 new positive words :), and join her movement by spreading happiness through creating your own cranes!

May you all be inspired and surrounded with joy and love! 


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Wonderful story! Thanks for posting it on Etsypreneur! Happy Holidays to you and your family!


Meri said...

What a cool thing to put out there in the universe!
I love it :)

CaseyMarie said...

Wow, I just cried through the entire thing! Such a beautiful story, wonderful thing! Thank you for sharing, I will do the same!
~Casey Marie

PS, thank you as Kim said for sharing on Etsypreneur, I many not have come upon this otherwise!

Angel.Pearls said...

Wow -this is so great and interesting -I love such wonderful things! Have a happy holiday! Love Eva

Anonymous said...

Great idea!