December 26, 2010

Fun December Nights

My neighbor went on vacation for about two weeks and needed us to take care of his two cats, Dolce and Bixby. Of course we said yes because, come on, we get to play with his cats everyday. Sounds great to me! We went to his apartment to feed the cats and only Dolce came to greet us. I didn't think much of it because Bixby's the shy one, so I went about opening a couple cans of cat food. After putting the food down and petting Dolce, who's a fat friendly purring fluff ball, Hubby asked, "How come there's only one cat?"

Dolce. I call her Fatty Cat. I think she has some dust on her from rolling around on the rug.

Me: "Maybe the other one's just hiding."
Hubby: "I looked everywhere. There's only one cat."
Me: "What?!"

I started getting worried. Where was Bixby?! We frantically looked around the apartment. I stopped at my neighbor's bedroom door, which was closed, and hesitated. Should I open it? I shouldn't, but it's probably better to check real fast rather than have him come home to a dead or missing cat. So I opened the door slowly and Bixby came zooming out through the tiny opening. Considering that we came at night and the neighbor left the night before, Bixby must have been trapped in there for the whole day. And no wonder Dolce was so friendly, she was probably lonely without her companion.

Bixby sitting on top of the fish tank. I call her Skinny Cat. She's interested in the fish.

We also noticed that the neighbor had a fish tank. He didn't mention his fish at all. We fed the fish anyway then texted him to tell him what happened. He thanked us and told us to feed the fish 2 pellets a day. My husband and I just looked at each other. I think he was thinking the same thing I was, which was that our neighbor is very absentminded (and he's not yet 30).

Dolce and Bixby looking out the window.

In other news, to be somewhat festive, Hubby and I cut some paper snowflakes and hung them on the cords of our paper ceiling lights. We also taped some on the door in preparation for a Christmas dinner with our friends, who, like us, weren't able to go home and spend Christmas with our families.

I found this cool photo filtering app for the iPhone called Instagram. It makes all my iPhone photos look better (and it's free)!

Dinner was a hit! :) We had a Christmas ham and lots of other goodies. I made this decorative garland from the styrofoam packing peanuts that came with a package I received. Since styrofoam peanuts aren't recyclable and don't decompose, I thought I'd upcycle and use it for something. Luckily the sender used pretty pink and green colored peanuts.

It actually looks quite nice, but maybe not in this picture.

Did you get creative with some Christmas ornaments and decorations as well? I love handmade ornaments because they're so unique and have so much character. I received a great ceramic ornament from a fellow Etsian (which I will show in another post soon!) I am not ready for Christmas to be over!


Meri said...

I love the snowflakes on the light string! I tape my snowflakes up to the window but I like your idea!
Can't wait to see the ceramic ornament. I've decided Christmas lasts until the new year :)

yeevon said...

hehehe, I was laughing over the story of your neighbors cat and also the part that he being a little forgetful XD Cute skinny and fatty cats!!

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas very much! I spent mine laying on the couch watching movies! ah... holidays~