December 11, 2010

Nostalgic for Summer

I'm not really a morning person. Now that it's freezing cold, I just want to wiggle deeper under my sheets when morning comes. This is what morning looks like to me.

Toronto by fieldguided

Beautiful, but cold. I know it's an image of Toronto and I don't live in Toronto. I don't care. I'm pretty damn close, if you consider an 8 hour drive close.

This is what I'd love my morning to look like.

Swan Boats by fieldguided

Ah, reminds me of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I don't remember there being swan boats but I do remember being chased by a giant white goose near the haunted lake when I was seven. I was wearing a fluffy cream skirt with baby blue ruffles and minding my own business when a gang of ducks led by a large white goose with a bright orange beak swaggered towards me like gangsters.
I was slightly alarmed but also intrigued because I absolutely loved animals back then (still do) and they were getting pretty close. Maybe I could pet them. So I didn't move. The posse of ducks stopped a couple feet before me, then the giant white goose waddled towards me, stared me straight in the eyes (the height of its head almost reached my neck), took a big bite of my skirt, and twisted its head as far sideways as it could. That's when I realized I probably shouldn't pet it, so I ran away. I still want a pet goose someday :)

Beach by fieldguided

Lake by fieldguided

Anyway, I went off on a tangent. Ah! Happy memories of summer and frolicking on the beach! I sure miss summer. I love these photos by fieldguided. They make me happy. Don't they look like old film reels of nostalgic memories sugar glazed in your head? I've come to realize lately that the past always looks rosier than it actually was. But I guess that just shows that things in the present aren't always as hard or as bad as we think it is.


Angel.Pearls said...

Great post!! I'm freezing too..Love Eva

anabela / fieldguided said...

Aw wow, what an honour! Thank you so much! I miss summer too, especially now that I have to go bundle up to go outside...

Anonymous said...

i was just thinking today how nice it'd be for the summer to be here finally. but then i decided i was thankful that this year it's hasn't been as cold as usual, which is extremely fortunate even if it does suggest global warming or smth:)))