January 12, 2011

Featured Shop: Half Stitched (+ Sale Coupon!)

I own some fun and colorful fabrics from Half Stitched's shop so I wanted to share my finds with you. Here's what I got. I'm thinking of making some oven mitts or other kitchen-related items with it. I'll post up pictures when I do!

My stash :)

Name: Alician
Location: Huntsville, TX
Website: http://halfstitched.com
Shop: http://halfstitched.etsy.comhttp://theselvedgeyard.etsy.com
Blog: http://halfstitched.com/blog

Moondance Push Pin Variety Pack

Tell me a little about yourself.
I was previously a retail manager at a popular home goods store. I decided to return to school a little over a year ago to finish my degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I will graduate this May and plan to attend graduate school. I started sewing about 4 years ago when my mother bought me a sewing machine. She helped me out with my first sewing project and then I was on my own, so I am mostly self taught. I also love cross stitching, knitting, and crochet (my newest endeavor). I originally started Half Stitched with the intention of selling cross stitched patterns (thus the name half stitched) but have yet to list a pattern (the name also comes from my not finishing projects that I start ;)

How would you describe your shop? Who should definitely stop by?
My shop runs on a shoe string budget since I'm in college and all. So I would describe my shop as a resourceful one that tries to get the most out of what I got. I often try to find ways to use the scrap fabric from the bigger projects I make. I love funky fabrics and make bold fabric choices.

Anthology Fabrics - High Society in Safari

What is your most cherished handmade possession?
My most treasured handmade possession is a crocheted vest my grandmother made for my mother right after she married my father. It doesn't fit me, my mother was very tiny, I'm hanging on to it to pass down to my niece when she gets big enough.

Moondance Flowers Key Fob

Do you have any advice for those who are new to crafting?
For those that are new to crafting, my advice would be to not give up when you come across something challenging. I have made many mistakes but have always learned a great deal from them and usually figured out a better way to do something. (thus, my favorite sewing tool is a seam ripper) Also, plan out your projects to utilize your time more efficiently. I use an assembly line approach whenever I can to save time and to also keep from repeating mistakes.

High Society Push Pin Set

Tell us who one of your favorite sellers is on Etsy!
There is no way I could just pick one favorite shop on Etsy. That is why I love Etsy. There are so many talented people out there and I love looking and getting inspired. Here are a few of my favorites: keykalou, greeniemarie, HeyHarriet, boygirlparty, papaververt, and of course anyone that sells fabric!!!

Coupon Code
Alician has kindly given us a coupon for her shop! For 15% off both of her shops, type in coupon code
Sale lasts until January 31st!



asdesigns said...

Great feature, beautiful items.

Sea Flower Studios said...

I love her fabric! Going to definitely check out the shop!

Jill Q said...

This was a really good Feature article! Don't ya just love the retro feel to HalfStitch's fabrics?

bountyofbeads said...

What a great feature article. Loved it.

all that glitters said...

Nice feature, I love fabric and if i allowed my self I would have a room filled to the brim with it. I love half stitched covered buttons.

Cool Kid Designs said...

Nice feature post!

Glitterbird Glamour said...

I am envious of people who are clever with fabric!

BijiBijoux said...

Very nice article about the fabrics! Nice shop!

bagsofblessing said...

Love her shop! All those fabrics are great!

Dell Cove Spice said...

Love the idea of you turning those fabrics into oven mits!

Lbtoyos said...

Great shop! I really like those fabrics in green and pink colors. Someday I would love to make patchwork

Tracy said...

Thanks for posting on Blog Frog - love your site! Following and looking forward to your visit @ www.havingfunsaving.com
Take care,

theMayflower said...

absolutely stunning! love her work!

Andrea said...

Beautiful shop!

Giftbearer said...

I love the fabric-covered buttons!

galla15 said...

I love the push pins!! Very pretty!

CalliopeCreations said...

Great idea...promoting a shop and giving us a chance to learn more about the person behind it.

Charlene said...

What a great shop. I know she loved the feature. I hope it brings her a lot of sales!

Katie said...

Checked out the shop and there's some AWESOME fabrics in there!!! Thanks for sharing your love with all of us.

Anonymous said...

beautiful shop!

craftluxuries said...

What a beautiful shop! great work! love the fabrics! I am a great craftlover myself. Id love to use the fabrics! Looking forward to your visit www.craftluxuries.blogspot.com

Sarah B. said...

I love those fabrics! What a great seller!

PS: Found you through etsypreneur! ;)