January 22, 2011


I made an amazing discovery yesterday, which is to make the easiest fudgesicle pops ever! Okay, maybe it's not really a new discovery or anything - it's just amazing to me, because I can't believe I haven't thought of it already. It's sooooooo easy!

DO NOT EAT - this is soap. Please resist the urge, especially if you are bathing with this. (I don't think I've ever wanted to eat soap more than today...)
Fudgesicle Handmade Soapsicle by SoapStore

All you need is a package of Jello instant chocolate pudding, some milk, popsicle molds, and a freezer. Just make your chocolate pudding following the instructions on the package, pour into the molds, and freeze. Then it's done! Finished! Easy! :D The lazy man's (or woman's) chocolate pop. Now I can have fudgesicles whenever I want. Isn't it great? Life is great. (Just humor me if it seems like I've just discovered the sky is blue).

Maybe someone will give you a pity popsicle if you wear these (as in: "Aww, give that poor girl a fudgesicle.")
Fudge bar earrings by inediblejewelry

Warning: The delicious-looking items below are NOT edible!

Seven Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake Soy Wax Melt by TheTemptingTart

The following delicious-looking items ARE edible :9 (Could you tell the difference?)

Ginger Habanero Fudge Sauce by seekingchocolate

And last but not least... caramel overload! Don't drool over your keyboard now.

You Pick 16 Flavors Butter Caramels by FusionSweets


Pennie said...

This is sooo Wonderful!!! Thank you so much for including My Fudge! :D
Many Smiles, Pennie

Bananamoo's Gourmet Magnets said...

What a charming blog you have! Thank you very much for including my chocolate bon bon!


Tatter Beans said...

I have two thinks to say WOW and yummy

Ruthie's Girl Designs said...

All I can say is YUM.

Angel.Pearls said...

Yummu!! I have *Triss in Treasury Teusday* at my blog today..I'd love you to join and play, with some of your favorite treasury!! See You, Love Eva

Lawyer Loves Lunch said...

Love! I'm a huge fan of simple and quick recipes because that means I get delicious treats in my belly faster. Of course, this totally fits the bill. Thanks for sharing! :)

Quintescentials said...

Thank you so much for including my heart body scrub! Looking at all these pictures made me hungry! :)

Sandy said...

I very much so just want to chomp on some of those delicious looking non-edibles. Haha. Gifts like that could/would be easily mistaken.

Sharelikethis said...

Super yummy