January 14, 2011

Holy Zeus, what am I?

This is catastrophic news, guys. It was announced yesterday that the zodiac signs we've been following are outdated because the earth's changes in rotation has changed the timing of our zodiac signs. According to the new zodiac sign dates, I'm now a virgo instead of a libra. WHAT? I'm too laid-back, accepting of others, unrepressed, and selfish to be a virgo. I mean, I am not "born to serve," alright?

libra zodiac constellation by MiniatureRhino

But now that I'm reading about virgo, I do see some similarities to me, I guess? For example, my brain is on overdrive a lot of the time (except that it doesn't mean I get a million things done), and I am prone to skepticism (saved me a few times from being scammed AND I'm a consistent winner when playing the game Mafia, especially when I'm not the mafia :). Unfortunately, I am not as studious as a virgo, except when I'm really interested in something (then time ain't a thang, e.g. there is no discernment between night and day at that point). I'm not a worrywart nor am I a hypochondriac, and I do not like being surrounded by tones of tan or warm yellow. Nothing against virgos (both my mom and my hubby are, er.. were virgos), but it sounds a little more intense than I am. Actually, neither of them are hypochondriacs either.

I like libra - it sounds so much cooler than virgo. It's the sign of partnership and I'm a good partner! Just ask my husband (cough). I have a very good sense of balance and fair play, make well thought out and informed decisions, and love beautiful things :). I also consider all points of a situation when confronted with an opposing view. And I love the colors of the sunset sky - so romantic!

Libra - hand-embroidered linen rabbit by MayBeMe

Oh wait, your zodiac sign hasn't changed, great. Apparently in the Western world, our signs are seasonally based, whereas in the Eastern world, our signs are fixed to constellations. Okay. I guess that just means that you should believe whatever you want to believe and you are who you are no matter what sign you associate with :) Sounds logical to me.