January 10, 2011

Trying to Enjoy the Snow

It's mid-January and snowing again. I've decided that snow is nice and all, very pretty to look at and to think about, but I'd really rather roll around in fine white sand on a beach somewhere and sip a mojito.

I think this fulfills both requirements.

And along with that fantasy, I may as well win the lottery. But really, I'm trying to appreciate the snow. Winter used to be my favorite season, I'm not sure why, because I clearly like to go out without wearing a jacket. But I think there's something poetic about the whiteness and barrenness of a winter landscape. Robert Frost's last name, being Frost, may have added to that perception.

Winter feels lonely when there's a lot of snow. Snow makes lunch with friends nearly impossible and a walk to the nearest cafe a treacherous journey. Run out of milk for hot cocoa and need to go to the grocery store? Too bad.

Neat Woodpile by SugarBridge

But what I love about snow and winter is the anticipation of warmth. Getting back to the apartment, walking through the door, taking off my boots, and seeing my favorite people at home - you'd think I haven't been back in years. Hanging out with the neighbors (luckily I live in an apartment building) and playing board games because we're all stuck inside with nothing better to do - when else would we stop to get together in our busy lives?

The joy of winter is having an excuse to break schedules and routines, while knowing it won't last. When the snow stops and the roads are salted, people burst into the streets like the buildings can no longer contain them. Then it's time to go about business again because even though there may be another snow storm tomorrow, for the moment it feels like spring.

Natures Jewels by Crystalphotography


Madeline Weber said...

wow amazing pictures! happy new year!

xx http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/

Tatter Beans said...

I adore winter pictures... when Im sitting inside looking at them.... The black Lab brought back some very happy memories for me..
Thanks for sharing
Have an awesome day