January 27, 2011

Wear Red to Impress the Ladies?

Well, another day, another snowstorm.

Much more romantic when seen as a photographic print in the comfort of a warm cozy couch
Up to the Sky by ChelseaVictoria

I've been reading a lot of articles on the internet again and found a treasure trove of information in The Body Odd. Here's one about a study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, that suggests "the color red makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to a woman." All the man has to do is wear a piece of red or even stand in front of a red background. The study results were the same regardless of country. Hmm... that's never occurred to me before. Am I more attracted to men who wear red? I think I'm more likely to stare at a stunning woman in red.

Maybe if he were wearing red while doing yoga in a snowstorm? (the model is a girl, but we'll ignore that little detail)
Tree Roots with a Thought of Lightning by RaskolInkLLC

Apparently, red makes men appear more powerful and higher in status, more likely to make lots of money, and more likely to climb higher on the social ladder. Looks like girls know what they want. Is that why so many male politicians wear red ties?

Red + blue = power colors (so they say). The squid? Brings out your inner hipster.
Textural applique squid tie by aorta

Red is also attractive in the rest of the animal kingdom, as it is a sign of high testosterone. Examples of animals who benefit: monkeys with redder rumps and male robins with the reddest breast. Of course, for humans, you can't just look like a slob while wearing a red beanie and expect to attract every woman you pass by. You still have to clean up nice :)

Male Cardinal on Snowy Branch by robtravisphotography

red striped bearded beanie by taraduff

What do you think? I'm a little skeptical, as I've never been aware of being attracted to red on men. But just because I'm not aware doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I'll have to pay more attention the next time I check out a cute guy...

More goods for the men in red:
Red Silk Skinny Tie by rabbitstop
DC as in Washington D.C., 'cause that's where I'm headed, miss. -wink-
INITIALLY ME Cufflinks by EternallyLinked

red leather card wallet by delacyaccessories

And finally, the big man in red. Is that why mommy's always kissing Santa Claus? ;)
Santa Claus "Ho, ho, ho" Print by twoems


CalliopeCreations said...

That bearded beanie is hysterical! Can't stop laughing. Terrific post.

oomph. said...

interesting. i know red is a bold, statement kind of color...but never noticed that i was attracted to those wearing red opposed to other colors. hmmm...
love the bearded beanie! it's a really great idea.


Angel.Pearls said...

Very interesting -never really thought of it that way -but it means sense to me -Like a red signal flag! Have a great weekend/ Eva