February 25, 2011

Unsure About Your Decisions? Wash Your Hands!

Face any tough decisions today that left you feeling uneasy afterwards? Such as picking the brown purse or the black one? Sending that e-mail to your boss or not? Chicken or beef?

Hmm... I'll take the farmer. No, maybe the cow.
The Rural Landscape by littlegreenshoo

Apparently, a study showed that washing your hands washes away doubt. This article on The Body Odd shares that when a group of college students were given a choice of tasting one of two different fruit jams, those who washed their hands after choosing expected both jams to taste roughly the same, while those who didn't wash their hands expected the jam they chose to taste better than the other one (due to the need to rationalize their choice).

Peach Chardonnay Jelly by mygreenboot

They were then told to rank 10 CDs and to choose one to take home. Once again, those who didn't wash their hands after choosing felt the need to justify the way they ranked the CDs.

Does washing our hands really make us feel more confident in our choices? What do you think?

Well, while you contemplate what it all means, these handmade soaps will make hand-washing a little easier ;)

Mango Soap Bar by EldoradoSoap

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Bubble Tub Soaps said...

Kewel!! Thank you for including me :O)

shah wharton said...

He he - cool post. I ticked your cool reaction. Loving the use of psychology to gear up the exhibition of products! Creative. I would say in to the question - Not if you're Obsessive Compulsive in which case washing your hands too often or in connection with confidence would be a bad thing ;D Thank you for popping by my blog and hopping with us. Shah. X

yeevon said...

Wow, that is some unusual findings that is hard to explain why XD I guess the process of cleansing something might also put the confusion (or the nervous emotions when you can only pick one) at ease..

Also, thank you so much for the blogger award @_@ I was really busy last week and couldn't find a time to write it (guilty)! Will put up the post by next week :) :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Crimson Hill Soaps and Scents said...

Nice post! Thanks so very much for featuring my Lavender Soap.

Crystal Eldoradosoap said...

I enjoyed reading your article, I would never have known. The peach chardonnay jelly looks delicious, too! fabulous photo!

Thank you for including my mango bar :)

Erin O'Riordan said...

Every one of these handmade soaps looks lovely, and I'm sure smells lovely too.

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