March 31, 2011

A Glimpse of Monterey Bay

Today's weather is simply lovely! It's 84 degrees outside, I'm finally wearing a dress (which is one of my favorite types of clothing), and everything is so peaceful right now (for some odd reason).

Tulip Spring Wonderment (2) by happeemonkee
Isn't this photo gorgeous? There are so many amazing Spring photographs on Etsy, it was a hard choice picking one! Have a look!

I moved to California last week (Bay Area) and still haven't fully unpacked. Actually, the week that I moved, I must have brought the rainy NY weather with me because it literally rained everyday that week :(
Warning: lots and lots of sea life and scenic photos!

March 30, 2011

Featured: Photography by Jodi (+ Giveaway! [Closed])

This is a feature AND a giveaway! Meet Jodi, the shop owner and creative mind behind Photography by Jodi. I'm captivated by the imagery and emotions her photography evokes. Some of her prints take me back to cherished childhood memories of happiness and simpleness. Jodi not only uses a very nice fancy camera (which I want) to capture her photographs, but she experiments with toy and vintage cameras as well. Her shop offers prints, jewelry (made using her photos), and notecard sets! Not only that, but you'll get to win something from her shop, with more information located at the bottom of this post :)


Name: Jodi Lebrun
Location: Timmins, ON, Canada

Blue Bike Against a Fence.

Tell me a little about yourself.
I am a natural light photographer specializing in fine art images and glass jewelry pieces. I am also a mom to 4 great kids and married to my high school sweetheart. I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember and I recently took the plunge and opened up ‘Photography By Jodi’ out of my home. I’m having the most amazing time getting this business off the ground! I spend my days dreaming about what I can create next and then shooting these images with my amazing collection of digital and film cameras ( I then give my images an artistic spin in Photoshop before I turn them into prints, a variety of jewelry pieces, or a unique notecard set.

March 27, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #8 + Goodies

Hi all! Another week, another showcase of fun posts you'll want to share with your friends (or secretly keep to yourself :) I seriously wish I had more time to create all the things these talented bloggers are showing us, but as long as there're a few things here to get your creative juices started, by all means make them and post them up! ;)

I love Sharpies, and I love that I've found a new use for them through The Crafty Cpa! This bag is so cute and is the most appropriate place to store your favorite permanent markers ;) Learn how to make it here!

March 23, 2011

Featured: The Dapper Owl (+ Sale Coupon!)

This week's feature is of vegan friendly soap-maker, Alex, from The Dapper Owl! I received some of her soaps from a trade and they smell soooo good (not to mention they work very well and make my hands feel sooooo smooth :) I love the colors and shapes she comes up with, and wouldn't hesitate to display them in the guest bathroom or give them as gifts.

Set of 4 Dinosaur Soaps

Name: Alexandra
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Blog: [crafting] OR [personal]

My stash! I got a lot of goodies from her. They all look so professional and come shrink-wrapped. She even sent me a few extras.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I’m a twenty year old full time college student who's a part time crafter. I started making soap and other bath products about a year ago for friends and family, and they encouraged me to open up my etsy shop. I've loved making things since I was little, and it was just a natural progression into every day life for me.

Set of Six Babushka Dolls

March 20, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #7 + Goodies

Hi all! It's time to share my favorite posts from last week again! I'm currently moving from NY to California and it's been tiring, but I must take time to look through all the posts because there are so many treasures :) My descriptions are going to be a little shorter this week because I'm going to board a plane soon (though by the time you read this I will already be in the sky or in CA :). These ought to bring you some design inspirations!

Learn how to make yummy birds nest snacks from Sun Scholars!

March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Get in the spirit! :) And don't forget to wear green!

I'm moving to California!

Hi all. After complaining about the winters (I've survived through) here in NY, I'm finally moving back to California! Yay! Warm moderate temperatures, beautiful beaches, San Francisco, crabbing/fishing, year-round mountain hiking, and delicious foods from every culture -- here I come!

Half Moon Bay
Beach in Half Moon Bay

March 16, 2011

Featured: Julie and Co.

I won a temari ball from Julie and Co. awhile ago and loved it so much that I wanted to share her talents with everyone! Not only did it come in a cute takeout box, Julie also included a little explanation of the origin of temari. From her note:

"Temari is an ancient folk art form originating in China and later introduced to Japan by traveling Chinese monks. First crafted as a child's toy from remnants of old silk kimonos, temari evolved into an art form adopted by noble women in Japan's imperial society and handed down from mother to daughter..."

Isn't this just amazing?!?! This is the Starry Night ball that I won from Julie! The takeout box packaging is the perfect finishing touch.

Name: Julie
Location: Grand Rapids, MI

fractal blue - hand embroidered japanese temari

Tell me a little about yourself.
I am married to a wonderful man (nearly 27 years of marriage!) and mama to four gorgeous and sweet daughters and now a son-in-law. I have been sewing and crafting since I was a teenager and love to try new things. I knit, crochet, sew, stitch, embroider, bake, cook, homeschool, read, laugh, serve, pray, and love life.


March 14, 2011

Giveaway Winner! Polar Bear T-shirt!

Hi all, it's time to announce the winner for my Polar Bear T-shirt giveaway! About a week and a half ago, I wrote a little post about the situation of polar bears and their disappearing habitat. Along with that, Pete, of Nacho Mama Tees, offered to give this t-shirt to a lucky winner!

Using, the winner is:

Congrats! I've contacted the winner, and if there is no response within 48 hours, I will pick a new winner!

March 13, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #6 + Goodies

Hi all, a quick note before we get to the showcase --
today's the last day to enter my giveaway, so give it a look! :) Now then, there were so many amazing home decor posts in last week's linky, I think I may have to call this week's showcase the Home Decor Edition! I'm also showing more projects this week than last week because there were so many good ones.

Got an old mismatched teacup that's too pretty to part with? Domestiquette has a super simple tutorial for how to make a fragrant and elegant teacup candle! I really love this idea and you won't want to skip this one.

March 11, 2011

Lucky Clovers

Luck of the Irish Necklace

I've been meaning to post some of my newer items from my Etsy shop. I'm totally in love with clovers and quatrefoils right now, and it's not just because Saint Patrick's Day is coming! It's because of my infatuation with the coming of Spring, the birds, and the bees :)

March 9, 2011

Featured: Yee Von Illustrations

Meet one of my favorite artists, Yee Von, of Yee Von Illustrations and Whimsy Whimsical. She creates wonderfully dreamy, soft, romantic, and whimsical (of course) artwork. Looking at her illustrations takes my breath away and transports me to the days of magic, wishes, and fairy tales! :)

Poppies Fall - Small Print by chanyeevon

Name: Yee Von
Location: Malaysia

I Love Spring Time Notecards by whimsywhimsical

Tell me a little about yourself.
I'm Yee Von, a freelance illustrator from Malaysia. My artworks are pen on paper and colored digitally in Photoshop. I love the feeling of putting my imaginations onto paper with ink. Other than that, I enjoy stargazing and looking at the clouds in the sky which just makes me feel relaxed. I currently have a full-time day job, and my etsy shops are my part-time job :)

Simply Happy - Mr Hedgehog by whimsywhimsical

March 6, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #5 + Goodies

Wow, there were a lot of really great posts from last week. You all are making it harder and harder for me to choose just a few to showcase!

Build this charming little garden bench, just in time for spring! Miscellany of Me teaches you how to make your own through her step-by-step photo tutorial.

March 3, 2011

Women Are Better Than Men At...

I recently read this article on Yahoo, which is about a book by Dan Abrams that explains why women are better than men at almost everything, according to scientific studies and research, in his attempt to disprove sexist cliches (like women are bad drivers, etc). Awesome! These aren't his opinions, they aren't his theories or musings. His book is based on actual evidence from studies and research, which he references in his book.

Print No. Thirty-Two, 8 x 10 by HappyTownUSA

Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything ElseThis book is obviously controversial, if I even need to say that, but I bought it because I was curious (or maybe I'm a sucker) and thought it'd be a fun read. Whether you agree with this or not, I wanted to share a few things women are better than men at, according to Man Down, by Dan Abrams.

March 2, 2011

Handmade Wednesday Co-hosting

Hi all, I'm co-hosting Blue Eyed Blessings' Handmade Wednesday Store Hop today. If you'd like some extra traffic and back-links to your Etsy, Artfire, or other handmade shop, add them here! :)

Oh, don't forget to add your shop to my Monthly Etsy Shop List in addition to the list below, now that March as begun!

Below: list of the day :)

Treasury eye-candy time :)

'In my d r e a m ....' by priya123

White Cute Easter B...

Garden of Cherry Bl...

Cherry Blossom Dres...

8x10 - Pink - metal...

vintage barely pink...

Cherry Blossom Salt...

Mitsugo Pom Pom Nec...

Fluffy Bunny Coaste...

Pink Ruffled Iris V...

Light Pink Velvet Y...

2 Place Mats in Wav...

Free shipping - Rea...

Apricot Origami Dec...

Sale-Cherry Blossom...

8x10 Two Birds on a...

March 1, 2011

Giveaway: Learn About Polar Bears & Win a T-shirt [Closed]

Ursa Major by lucajenn

I recently read an article on Yahoo about a mother polar bear who swam for 9 days, 426 miles non-stop to find an acceptable ice floe to live on. It's not new knowledge that the polar ice caps have been melting, which has impacted the habitats of many arctic wildlife, but it's really hard to imagine the degree of the impact until you read a story like this. The mother bear, who was wearing a GPS tracking device put on by U.S. scientists, spent 9 days swimming in the Beaufont Sea in the Alaska region, desperate for new ice to settle on. She was originally accompanied by her cub, who didn't survive, and she lost over 100 lbs during the long swim. To learn more, you can find the article here.

Remember when I wrote a review about the Boo T-shirt by Crazy Dog T-shirts? Well, Pete, of Crazy Dog T-shirts and its sister site, Nacho Mama Tees, offered to giveaway this Global Warming T-shirt to my readers!

It certainly isn't!

This tee would be a great way to show others that global warming isn't cool! And you'll have a story to explain why! You can find this shirt in the Graphics T-shirt section, but there are so many other categories as well.

Giveaway (ends March 13th, 2011):
  • One lucky winner will receive the above Global Warming T-shirt in a size Medium, unisex. It's a light grayish blue soft 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt.
  • Open to all countries.

How to Enter (leave a comment for each entry):
  • Check out Nacho Mama Tees let Pete know which is your favorite! (1)
  • Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect (1)
  • Like me on Facebook (1)
  • Follow me on Twitter (1)
  • Tweet this giveaway and leave the twitter link. (1) You can do this once per day.
If you are already a follower for any of the above, no problem! Leave an entry for it :) I will contact the winner after the giveaway ends. Winner will be chosen randomly using

Thank you Pete for giving away one of your awesome t-shirts!