March 16, 2011

Featured: Julie and Co.

I won a temari ball from Julie and Co. awhile ago and loved it so much that I wanted to share her talents with everyone! Not only did it come in a cute takeout box, Julie also included a little explanation of the origin of temari. From her note:

"Temari is an ancient folk art form originating in China and later introduced to Japan by traveling Chinese monks. First crafted as a child's toy from remnants of old silk kimonos, temari evolved into an art form adopted by noble women in Japan's imperial society and handed down from mother to daughter..."

Isn't this just amazing?!?! This is the Starry Night ball that I won from Julie! The takeout box packaging is the perfect finishing touch.

Name: Julie
Location: Grand Rapids, MI

fractal blue - hand embroidered japanese temari

Tell me a little about yourself.
I am married to a wonderful man (nearly 27 years of marriage!) and mama to four gorgeous and sweet daughters and now a son-in-law. I have been sewing and crafting since I was a teenager and love to try new things. I knit, crochet, sew, stitch, embroider, bake, cook, homeschool, read, laugh, serve, pray, and love life.


How would you describe your work/shop? Who should definitely stop by?
My workshop is my family room and the dining room table! I would love to have a dedicated space for my projects, but find I keep things very organized because of sharing the space with the family. I am a very organized person anyway, so my temari items are all packaged and stored in plastic tubs and boxes. All threads are sorted by colors and my projects are pretty portable. I often take a ziploc of supplies along with me to work on while on the go. Anyone may stop by! Come on in!

pretty in pink

What keeps you motivated?
I am inspired by colors in nature, interior designs, current home decor trends, food passions, and my love of thread. When I go shopping for thread, I am often captured by a new shade of color or a new pairing of colors. I am motivated by my passion for making temari. There is something very soothing about creating these thread precise and geometric, yet soft and textural.

illusions of blue

What is your most cherished handmade possession?
My father made us a bold and fantastic stained glass lamp for our home when my husband and I were married 27 years ago. He passed away 17 years ago and I treasure that gift. We've decorated our home around the colors in that lamp and enjoy it daily over our dining room table!

wine and chocolate duet

Do you have any advice for those who are new to handmade/crafting?
Try new things. Be bold. Experiment. Ask questions. Search the internet for tutorials. Create!

plum rose

Tell us who one of your favorite sellers is on Etsy!
One of my favorite Etsy sellers is Rose from Waterrose ( She does amazing embroidery work and has a great variety of fantastic items. She has been a friend since I started on Etsy.

blue geometry

Is there anything I haven't asked that you'd like to share?
I also have a fiber shop! I'm working on some new projects this week for that shop, so we'll see what happens!

felted wool embellished brooch from Julie's Fiber Art shop

refuge - felted wool fiber art from Julie's Fiber Art shop

industrial fractal and turbo gray

japanese temari pincushion teacup

This is one seriously talented lady! To learn more about Julie, visit her profile page, where she really shines. Thanks Julie for sharing your work with us! :)


Sea Flower Studios said...

Thanks for introducing us to this great shop! I've never heard of Temari before so it's great to learn about a new craft (new to me atleast)!

Jill Q said...

Wonderful Feature! I was not familiar with temari, but it's very intricate and beautiful!

bountyofbeads said...

I also am not familiar with temari. She is so talented!!!

LEFTright said...

Her work is beautiful! I love getting to know the artist behind such great items.

RhettDidntGiveADamn said...

Another wonderful feature. :)

New Hampshire Gardener said...

I love temari, thank you for sharing this information. I wish I had the time and patience to learn this ancient craft.
Let us hope the Japanese people who did so much for this art form will survive their present crisis.

Crystal Zacharias said...

Those are unique and very cool balls! Thanks for sharing the shop with us!

Terra Verde said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!

Michelle said...

She does beautiful work!

asdesigns said...

all i can say is wow, those are beautiful!

Marcy said...

Those are really pretty! I'm your new follower from the Wednesday blog hop! I would love it if you could check my blog out when you have a chance and follow back!


Leah R. Hood, Jewelry Designer & Artisan said...

Wow, these are gorgeous and so unique! Great post.

Lbtoyos said...

Really interesting!!! Lovely shop

magdamagda said...

so beautiful! amazing work, such perfect expression!

Waterrose said...

What a wonderful interview...and Julie makes amazing Temari. Thanks Julie!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Beautiful creations.

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Those are amazing!

Elemenopie Designs said...

Lovely work! Thanks for introducing us to Julie's shop!

Glitterbird Glamour said...

Look what you can do with miles of string! Beautiful!

Linda B said...

I love the geometric shapes and colors.

Crystal Eldoradosoap said...

Beautiful work and fabulous colors!

new creationz said...

Such interesting and beautiful work!

Inessa said...

Very interesting work!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing. Ceramic bowl and those balls would make a great house decoration! Thanks for the tip on this seller :)

BijiBijoux said...

Wow! this is amazing job! Thanks for sharing with us.

Nancy said...

Lovely post and lovely blog!
I'm your newest follower from the hop.
Hope you can hop by and follow me:

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Jane said...

Such fabulous artistry! Beautiful eye for color, thanks for sharing your talent with us.

" me " said...

waw!!! those are amazing!!!!

AllieMakes! said...

Those are incredable! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Brianna! said...

stoppin by from trendy treehouse:)

shah wharton said...

Wow - these are amazing creations- original and im loving the take out box idea too! Thanks for sharing this over at the weekend creation blog hop. Shah. X

Sarah said...

Love the temari balls! I'm always amazed when people make the very intricate designs and the patience it must take.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Thanks for sharing Julie's work with us at Fancy This Fridays! She makes some lovely items!!! :)

Pamela said...

I haven't seen anything like this before. Julie does awesome work. So happy I was able to enjoy it.

Blessings on your weekend!