March 31, 2011

A Glimpse of Monterey Bay

Today's weather is simply lovely! It's 84 degrees outside, I'm finally wearing a dress (which is one of my favorite types of clothing), and everything is so peaceful right now (for some odd reason).

Tulip Spring Wonderment (2) by happeemonkee
Isn't this photo gorgeous? There are so many amazing Spring photographs on Etsy, it was a hard choice picking one! Have a look!

I moved to California last week (Bay Area) and still haven't fully unpacked. Actually, the week that I moved, I must have brought the rainy NY weather with me because it literally rained everyday that week :(
Warning: lots and lots of sea life and scenic photos!

But that didn't stop Hubby and me from taking a little trip to Monterey Bay. That's Cannery Row, made famous by John Steinbeck Jr. in 1945. We passed it on the way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! :) I remember going there as a child and being fascinated by all the sea creatures swimming around in tall glass walls around me. Afterwards we strolled through a few beaches and chowed down on some grub!

These look like the trees in Dr. Seuss books! I think we discovered his inspiration.

Jellyfish! Why are they swimming upside down?

I think this is called a peacock seahorse.

A group of seahorses hanging on to a tall grass with their tails to keep from floating away.

This is also a seahorse! Amazing! Can't remember what type for the life of me.

I know that when they say "boring," they mean it in the digging sense, but I still laugh because clams are pretty boring to watch :)

Sea anemone?

School of fish in an aquarium!

Hello Mr. Sea Turtle, how you doing?

Afterwards, we had a nice lunch over the beach. The food was average but the scenery was amazing!

Finally getting a little sun.

This daring seagull wanted a piece of my fish 'n' chips, but it's not getting any.

Then we visited a few beaches and enjoyed breathing the salty sea air. It was very relaxing and refreshing! Just what I needed.

Churning waters.

Cute little ground squirrel. Is that cactus growing in the background, on the beach??

Look at these rocks and the color of the water!

The rocks from afar. Yeah, we actually climbed to the edge of that. Although it was cloudy, luckily the rain held off for a little while.

Is that little dot a guy surfing? He must be crazy! Or very dedicated.

Temporary vernal pools. This is where you can find lots of little sea life such as hermit crabs, starfish, sea anemones, and more.

Another beach. This one had the finest smooth white sand I've felt in years. It's hard to see in the picture though.

Don't be alarmed, but this is the remains of a sea lion or seal that we found! You can see the tail flippers on the far right.

Then we walked across the street and took a stroll through the Asilomar sand dunes.

I can see why Steinbeck liked living here so much. After our leisurely stroll, we decided to get some sushi because I really wanted some. Oh, if you ever come to Monterey Bay, I suggest eating at the Sand Bar & Grill. Seriously some of the best seafood I've ever eaten! They don't have sushi, I got off topic, but we ate here the night before and hubby has all the photos of this place (unfortunately he's back in NY for now so I'll have to get him to e-mail some photos to me).

My chirashi at Sapporo. The fish was really good that day :)

Oh, and this is one of the chandeliers at the inn we stayed at. I'm loving the bright red!

Anyway, this is one of the highlights of my time back home so far. Now I need to get back to tackling my boxes of stuff that need to be unpacked and organized. Vacation over :)

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Christine @ said...

Oh, so that rain was your fault? I cannot believe the hills are still sliding, I guess there was another one in Mountain View recently (I only saw the headline, didn't read the story). Love your photos, I haven't been down that way in a couple of years. I'm following now because I love that you put a photo of a dead animal on there. Pretty funny (not that he died but that you have a photo).

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Here in Nevada was 91 degrees today!! You took beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them with us :)
I'm your newest follower. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Veronica

Mirna said...

Welcome to California. So glad you loved Monterey Bay.. I am lucky enough to call beautiful Monterey my hometown.

Monica said...

My family is visiting me right now from Monterey! Loved your pictures and can't wait to visit again soon! Hope you have a great move. Best of luck!

Karin said...

I used to live there, when we were studying at the Defense Language Institute. VERY much miss Monterey! ;)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I'm originally from California, and we spent many a getaways in Monterey - so beautiful! It's been YEARS since we've ever been back....loved seeing these photos.

Holly said...

Great photos. I live in Pacific grove, very near the Asilomar Dunes! Welcome back to CA!

LambAround said...

Beautiful photos! Geez, I wish I were there, especially with that funny seagull. And, yes, I completely agree that the surfer is at least partially insane!

Joeylee said...

welcome to CA, its beautiful here. Monterey is beautiful. great pictures

Happee Monkee said...

Thanks for featuring my Tulip print! May you have many new + exciting adventures at your new home :)

Snap said...

I love tulips and it's been years since I visited Monterey ... lovely memories for me and new ones for you!

Jenna @ Copy Cat Corner said...

My AH went to school in Monterey and we love to visit there.

teecup said...

I love the tulips photo and CommentLuv . :) It's alright if you're not using it anymore... would have loved to see some heart and interesting blog post titles of the commenting community. It makes a fun mini-forum out of the usual comment box.

The Tablescaper said...

Thank you for bringing your beautiful trip to Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Lissie said...

I got something for you in my blogg:

Baye said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Since I doubt I'll ever get there, it is cool to get to see a personal view here.

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

84 degrees??? I haven't seen that likes of that since last fall. Sigh.

That red chandelier is killer...

You take a mean photo, btw.

Thanks for linking to Creative Juice...

To Sew With Love said...

monterey bay is lovely! how lucky of you to be there! enjoy!