March 17, 2011

I'm moving to California!

Hi all. After complaining about the winters (I've survived through) here in NY, I'm finally moving back to California! Yay! Warm moderate temperatures, beautiful beaches, San Francisco, crabbing/fishing, year-round mountain hiking, and delicious foods from every culture -- here I come!

Half Moon Bay
Beach in Half Moon Bay

Santa Cruz
Beach in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz
Another beach in Santa Cruz, and it comes with an old train track + a really old train!

Packing has been a pain, literally and figuratively. My arms are like spaghetti and my back is somewhat holding up. I've apparently accumulated a bunch of stuff while living with the hubby in NY, and you know how it goes. However, hubby will have to stay in NY for another year because he's in medical school, but he'll be doing his rotations in CA and we both really want to see our families again.

hello san francisco 8x8 photo print by capow

Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for most of my life, I'm sad to say that I really didn't appreciate its uniqueness, diversity, and Mediterranean climate as much as I thought I did, until I moved to NY. I guess the saying, "you don't know what you have until it's gone," rings true (so I'm learning to be aware of and to appreciate the good things I already have in life). I also didn't realized how nice and friendly everyone outside of NY was until I moved to NY :) But NY is also unique and diverse, in a different way. I think I'm going to miss a lot of things about it (especially the amazingly mind-blowing Italian pizza. I've had the luck of living in an Italian neighborhood and I've never had such good pizza before. I didn't even like pizza very much until I moved here! Oh yeah, and the fresh cheeses, dried/cured meats, etc.)

San Francisco Bay Silhouette by Crafterall

For now I'm still packing more stuff and being a bit too busy. Once I get settled down, I can't wait to start crafting and making new items again, as well as more treasuries.

Here are some more amazing finds on Etsy that remind me of home :)

That's the Bay Bridge in the background.
Rainy Day Couple - 5x7 Orignal fine art by taraville

Typical houses seen in SF.
Candy Color, San Francisco by RoadsidePhotographs

Boats at Fisherman's Wharf.
The Fishing Boats by charrose

san francisco mapcut on white by studiokmo

Essence of San Francisco by cacunnin

San Francisco by breeree

Barrels of Taffy, San Francisco, California by HOLLIHO

The Red Sea by RetrospectPhoto

Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco by maddhatterslab

San Francisco from Alcatraz Island by SnapshotPrints


Liberty said...


Steph said...

Just wanted to welcome you (back) to the Bay Area! I've lived here almost my whole life (still do). Hope the move goes smoothly for you!

All these lovely images are bringing back memories for me...I think the store with the barrel of taffy is where my husband bought me a stuffed bear when we were dating. Thanks for posting them!

Natalia Lynn said...

How exciting! I live in France now, but I can't wait to move back there. It is home to me and I LOVE the weather! Congrats!

Doni said...

I'm so glad you are getting to move back a lovely place it seems! I've never been farther west than the Texas border, but oh how I want to see more!!!
Be careful and keep us updated!
Thanks too for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday....the pics you shared are wonderful!!
Blessings, Doni

CAPow! said...

thank you so much for featuring my photo! Good luck in California, it really sounds like you adore it :)

Susanmeep said...

I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you please follow me back?
thank you :)

Holli Horton said...

Thank you for including my image of the taffy barrels! The weather is great out her in Cali, so move quickly!

I also featured you in my blog as well after reading your post and checking out your Etsy shop. =]

AllieMakes! said...

Congratulations! I am SO very jealous! Be safe in your travels and take a nice break when you get there! Can't wait to hear more soon!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Holly said...

Wooo-whooo! I am a CA girl (so cal but currently on the Monterey Peninsula) and I cannot imagine leaving!

Todd Stewart said...

Good luck with the move, and thanks for showcasing my print! I love that part of the world.

Christine @ said...

Welcome back!! The beach with the tracks, is that Panther? My ex and I used to party there in the '80s and I later found out that my mom used to party there in the '60s. My go to beach now is Rio Del Mar 'cuz you can walk for miles and miles.....beautiful photos that you posted!

Revamped French Maison said...

Congratulations on moving home! I'm a Cali girl myself that lives in a frigid climate myself. YUCK!!!! I'd swap it for NY any day of the week. But, The Bay, ahhhh....there's no other place. Love it! I look back at your photos and think, how the h e double hockey sticks did I end up where I am. LOL! Much like you I didn't know what I had with the culture, weather and food.

I'm just a wee bit envious right now :) Good Luck on your move.


Pearl Maple said...

looks like you are off for the most amazing adventure

Megan said...

congratulations on your move and good luck! that's quite a move!


Ann said...

We will certainly welcome you back...I am a former NYer and also once moved to AZ for 5 months--came crying right back. Love my Cali.

KrystalsJewelry said...

very cool jen!

happy moving!

LambAround said...

Oh, I am so jealous of you right now! I grew up in the Bay Area but, due to hubby's job, am stuck in trashy, grouchy Albuquerque, NM.

courtney said...

Welcome back to the Bay area! Though I'm not a native, I love it here and am glad to call it home. Thanks for featuring my photograph of the Japanese Tea Garden! It was such a lovely day when I took that photo.

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Take me with you. I am so over Chicago. I love Cali...

Thanks for linking this project up at Creative Juice...

Janee Lookerse said...

WHAT!?!? Oh my gosh. I live in So Cal and I'm DYING to move to the east coast. How bout we just trade? You can have all the sunshine, I don't want it, and I'll take all the rain. Sound good?


Karen Nichols said...

Welcome back to the Bay Area. When I go to NYC, all I can think about is the pizza.

Sycamore Terrace said...

Wow! I’m sure San Francisco will be welcoming you back soon! Seems like you’ve missed home very much huh? Well I’m sure it has missed you too. California is really different from New York by a long shot. From the busy streets in Times Square, to the laid back warmth of the San Francisco sun. It’ll be hard living far from your boyfriend, but they say absence makes the heart grow fonder right?

Sycamore Terrace

Anoop T U said...

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