March 27, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #8 + Goodies

Hi all! Another week, another showcase of fun posts you'll want to share with your friends (or secretly keep to yourself :) I seriously wish I had more time to create all the things these talented bloggers are showing us, but as long as there're a few things here to get your creative juices started, by all means make them and post them up! ;)

I love Sharpies, and I love that I've found a new use for them through The Crafty Cpa! This bag is so cute and is the most appropriate place to store your favorite permanent markers ;) Learn how to make it here!

Yeah, this is a tutorial for how to make your own Sherpa Boot Slippers. Pretty crazy huh? If you'd like to learn how, Sew Can Do is super excited to guide you through it! (You can tell she's excited, just read her post :)

I love dogs and I love old suitcases, so wouldn't it be awesome to combine the two? Careless in the Care of God had the great idea doing exactly so, and she's sharing the mental wealth so you can build such a bed for your doggie too! Aww, look at that belly.

Here's an affordable way to brighten up your home for Spring, straight from the dollar store! Ms. Not So Perfect shows you a super simple way to make this flower basket to welcome the Spring, you'll wonder why you haven't thought of it before (or maybe you have?)

Is it weird that I like this craft idea of making underwear? Well, The Polka-Dot Umbrella also pondered this question but it didn't stop her from making her kids some underwear. I think they look pretty awesome, and who knows, maybe one day this will come in really handy! She also has some fun party ideas that you'll want to check out. People, this is one interesting lady :)

Yeah, you can make this ruffle lamp and all you really need is some fabric and a glue gun! Although Moss and Clover was inspired by another blogger's great tutorial, in her version, she didn't need to use thread or a sewing machine because of the fabric she used. Way to make it even simpler! :)

Here's one for the kids now that Easter's coming up. Many of us know the wonders of chalk paint, but sometimes we forget all the things it can be used on! Running with Glitter not only shows you the great idea of making erasable buckets, but she teaches you how to make a personalized decal (with your name) and how to attach it to the bucket.

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and I've made so many batches, but never had it occurred to me to make mint chocolate chip cookies. Now I'll have to give it a go. Young Nester shares her recipe for how it's done!

Here are some other great recipes from last week that you'll want to try!


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Megan said...

Did your move go OK? I've been checking all week for an update!



Meri said...

What a great collection of projects- the idea of making underwear is sort of intriguing/ funny to me too. I'd be afraid (with my shoddy craftsmanship) that they would fall apart mid wear haha!
Those mint cookies look yummy- I love all things minty :)

Steph said...

First time linking up today. Your blog is just adorable. Thanks for hosting!

petite hermine said...

Awww thanks for asking Megan! My move went fine, still in the process of unpacking! I'm just glad everything got here in one piece :)

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

thanks for hosting-cheers.

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

Some great ideas here!

angelfitch said...

Thanks so much for featuring my lamp re-do!! It really was so much fun! :)

Lauren said...

I want a sharpie bag! But since I don't have a sewing machine it's not gonna happen.

Cheryl @ Sew Can Do said...

Thanks for featuring my DIY Sherpa Boots. I'm in love with all the other features too - great items!!

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

Thank you so much for featuring my mint chocolate chip cookies! They are super easy (if I can do it, anyone can)! Have a great week :)

The Tablescaper said...

It's wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

- The Tablescaper

Crystal said...

Sharpie's are considered objects of mass destruction at our house! This sharpie bag may or may not detour my kids from inking each other. Thanks for the linky. Posted my jar above and following you! Would love if you could drop by and enter my first eva blog hop!

teecup said...

Awww, I love the doggie and the suitcase! ♥♥♥ My kitty loves are always trying to sneak in my bags. A suitcase for a bed is what they want.

MJ said...

Hey, Thanks for the invite to link up. This is awesome. So many great projects, I don't know where to start!

Jennifer's Genuine Crochet Creations said...

I love this link, thank you for sharing it :)