April 17, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #11 + Goodies

I just wanted to say, wow! Last week's posts were amazing! After another long week, here are some wonderful projects to get your creative juices flowing. I enjoy looking through every post to see what you've seen and done each week. It's so hard to choose which ones to post. Here's to another relaxing Sunday, I hope :)

I don't know if you've noticed but embroidered wall hangings are becoming all the rage (and are a little pricey too, for good reason!). Not only do they look cool and unique (and time-consuming), but they make great gifts and add personality to any space. Luckily, The Crafty Cpa has a tutorial plus an easy template for us to follow. Thanks Crafty Cpa! :) Check out her big bang pillow tutorial as well!

These bags are sooooo cute! It's a reversible reusable dirty/clean bag. You can carry your utensils, or anything else in these and wash them when they need to be cleaned. The Silly Pearl shows you step-by-step how to make these. Isn't it great? I, for one, am thrilled by this project!

Check out how this goldfish slowly turns into a chrysanthemum flower in 8 steps. I'm loving the transformation. It's a time-consuming process, but well worth the effort. Dressedtothe9's kindly shows us her daughter's patterns for making these.

While we're on the subject of felt, Blissful Meandering has a tutorial on how to make this adorable gardenia flower (which you can use to make a brooch, headband, or whatever you can think of!) I think this would make a great brooch for my black wool coat :)

This is a tutorial for a heating pillow. I've run into several heating pillow projects before, but didn't know you can use cherry pits for filling. Check out Nifty Thrifty Things if you're looking to make a pillow you can heat up in the microwave to warm your toes!

Make an Easter egg center piece using simple items found in craft stores! Learn how to do it at Life in the Thrifty Lane (top left). These tissue paper flowers, from Running with Glitter, would make an amazing addition to your egg center piece! (top right). The fuzzy boa spring wreath, from Like a Box of Chocolates, is an interesting take on an old classic. There are so many colorful feather boas out there, making this an easy and versatile project. (bottom left). The more delicious looking lemonhead spring wreath, from The Crafty Scientist, will have your mouth watering :) but don't eat it! (bottom right).

This looks delicious doesn't it? I wish Moss and Clover lived next door so I can freeload all the time :) This strawberry cream cake would make a great Easter Sunday dessert after brunch!

Check out these cute little Easter chick cookies! Not only are they adorable, they have chocolate in the center! Can it get any better than that? Thanks to Last Minute Mel, you'll be a hit at your next Easter brunch.

Look at these morsels of inspiration! Learn to make your own spring candies from Sew Can Do! (top). Be inspired by this gallery of beautiful Easter egg decorations, at Sun Scholars! (bottom).

This carpet runner tutorial (left) from Rhinestone Beagle is pretty useful. I'm definitely interested in learning how to make my own carpet runner, should I ever need to. Her dog is really cute too. Here's a fun and super easy necklace tutorial from Girls Gone Bloggin' (right). That red wooden necklace would go great with a summer dress!

Lastly, to leave you with something inspirational, quiverfull shares her beautifully written Mama's Manifesto -- a must read!


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