June 29, 2011

Cole Rise

It rained like crazy today and the traffic home was so bad. The humidity (which is rare in Cali) and clouds reminded me of summer storms in NY :) Am tired, going to sleep... btw, my blog is still on Eastern time, which I'm probably not going to change any time soon...

June 26, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #21 + Goodies

Well, I did absolutely nothing today. I slept in, ate lots of food, and caught up on show-watching on the internet. And I feel very satisfied right now :) My husband called me this afternoon to tell me about what he did today (he's in NYC, I'm in the SF Bay Area, so his day's almost over due to the 3 hr difference), and sometimes he has this annoying way of sticking to a topic and not letting it go, so I told him I'm not going to talk about it anymore and hung up on him. A few minutes later, he calls me back and, without skipping a beat, continues on telling me about the rest of his day as if we never stopped conversing. Sigh, can't stay mad at something like that, lol.

Here's your week of outstanding projects and recipes!

These pillowcases are so fresh and bright, I absolutely love them! Learn how to make them, from picking the fabric to applying the stencil art, at The 36th Avenue!

June 21, 2011

Yosemite in the Spring

I took a few days off about a month ago to hike and hang out with hubby/a bunch of friends in Yosemite and meant to make a post about it, but procrastination had gotten the best of me, until now.

The money shot!

So here are the views! Hiking in the gorgeous Spring weather with the best company one can find :) I was extremely tired and ready to hit the floor by the time we were done (I'm very out of shape thanks to the office), but I'm kind of tempted to go back again... Isn't it funny how easily we forget the grueling process and only remember the rewards?

June 19, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #20 + Goodies

Happy Father's Day! What are you doing with your dads today? I'm just looking forward to more relaxing -- it's Sunday after all. I'm actually writing this on Saturday (well, it's what I usually do) because I'm going to a friend's wedding soon! Yay! I'm excited :)

Here are this week's features!
Deck out your breakfast table with these super cute sugar cubes! Find it at Nifty Thrifty Things.

June 15, 2011

Turn that Meanie into a Softie

All you really need is a soft chair. According to six studies done by psychologists at Harvard and Yale, changing how a person feels physically can also change how they feel emotionally.

This is not a sleeping bear. It is, in fact, a bean bag chair! (and that rhymed! :)
Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag by chicsindesigndotcom

In one study, subjects were asked to hold either light or heavy clipboards while reacting to different scenarios. Those who held the heavy clipboards rated job candidate resumes as being more serious, and allocated more money to serious social issues, although their decisions were not effected on less important issues (such as regulation of public bathrooms).

June 12, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #19 + Goodies

It's summer and the weather's wonderfully warm. I love that it's still light outside at 8pm as well, don't you? Father's Day is coming up and so is barbecue season, and you know how dads love to grill :) This week we've got a lot of outstanding projects as usual, and recipes for a perfect evening out on the lawn. Here's to another glorious Sunday!

Make something personal for the father in your life (be it your dad or a husband), such as this tote or t-shirt. Head over to The Silly Pearl for a tutorial on how to make your own graphic prints and put them onto fabric.

June 5, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #18 + Goodies

It was dark and gloomy this whole week and it rained this weekend, so I didn't get to go out :( but I had a nice time sleeping a lot and drinking hot cocoa. I also tried to make a coconut soup but it tasted really bad -___- which is why next time I'll follow a recipe first.

There were a lot of great and interesting posts last week, so this week I'll share them in categories and try to include some extra links :)

Okay, this is *actually* a post about framing a nice picture, but I really like the message included in this photo from Careless in the Care of God (I think that's Drake and possibly one of his lyrics?) This message perfectly describes what I try to do everyday (although not everyday is a success).

June 1, 2011

Blogging for Etsyians

So you own a little handmade shop on Etsy and make beautifully unique items for the world. Your pictures are well-taken-- accurately and charmingly representing your items. Your descriptions are helpful and disclose everything a shopper needs to know. Your tags are well-chosen and on-point. (And I am not at all saying that I am a shining example of this, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect tags. We must all strive for something :) Now you just need to be found by people who will enjoy and appreciate your hard work! Although everyone has their favorite methods, some of us like to blog.

Now THIS is a good example. Chewbacca mouse? Come on, I think I'm going to have a heart attack from the cuteness.
Chewbacca Mouse by TheHouseOfMouse

I recently received an e-mail from a fellow Etsyian, asking for advice about how to start a blog for her Etsy shop. She found me through the "Sellers Assisting Sellers" Team (a.k.a. Team SASsy, of which I am a mentor :) and asked me several good questions, which I thought would be helpful to share with anyone else interested in starting a blog for their handmade shops. Btw, Team SASsy is a great pool of resources for anyone with any questions even remotely related to Etsy.