July 31, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #26 + Goodies

Well, I don't have much going on today. My husband is annoying me with his indecision about whether he wants to eat at home or not. I think I just want to hit the restaurant because it's easier. He can stay home by himself and ponder about what he wants while I do my own thing -_-

Here are this week's featured projects! Right now, I'm thinking that if I make any of the recipes below, I'm not sharing it with anyone, and definitely not with my husband.

This piece of wall art is so bright and eye-catching, I also love the honey bee image (if you haven't noticed from my little jewelry shop, I like honey bees a lot :). Learn how to make this at Domestiquette!

July 27, 2011

Cute Animals

So I'm looking at Cute Overload (as usual), and suddenly wondered if there were many cute animal photographs on Etsy. Apparently, there are a lot! Too many for one post, but here are my favorites :)

It's gotta be someone's birthday today :)
Cute Happy Birthday Card by RlynnPhotography

July 24, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #25 + Goodies

It's a sunny Sunday this week. Unfortunately, I read on the news that the heat wave has traveled to the East Coast. I can't imagine how it would feel being in 100 degree weather PLUS humidity. Regular NY summers are hot enough already, but good thing I moved this year. I'm excited because my husband is coming back to CA today! He'll be here for a month, which means we'll be doing something fun every weekend (I hope), ha! Weekends just don't feel long enough. I'm a big advocate for the 4-day work week :)

Onto this week's featured posts!

These shea butter sugar scrub cubes don't require too many ingredients and look so good! As yummy as they look, these would be much better scrubbed on your body :) Check out Soap Deli News for the recipe.

July 20, 2011

DIY Simple Skincare Recipes

I'm really into making my own facial scrubs and such, so I was delighted when I found this article on Yahoo recently with a bunch of super simple recipes that require only 2 to 3 ingredients.

Choice of Three Soap Bars by EldoradoSoap
No, I can't teach you how to make these, but you can get them on Etsy :)

July 17, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #24 + Goodies

Oh my, what to feature this week. It's been another week of amazing projects. I'm really thankful for all of you linking up because reading your projects makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) kind of like when I used to make crafts with my mom as a child, and this has been particularly helpful this weekend because the weather's dark and dreary. Summers in northern California can be temperamental, and I'm not sure about most of you, but my mood is somewhat affected by the weather. Maybe I need to move to Hawaii someday!

These flats are so perfect for frolicking in the summer grass! Craftionary teaches you how to add that lacy veil and cute embellishment onto your favorite flats.

July 13, 2011

Beach Comber

This weekend, a friend and I made a trip down to Santa Cruz for some leisurely beach hiking. Although Santa Cruz is famous for its beach boardwalk, there are lots of small, hidden beaches along the coastline, frequented by locals. I always find one that I haven't been to, and this is one of them :) There was even a set of abandoned railroad tracks that we walked down for awhile. I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture!

July 10, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #23 + Goodies

Last week, hubby and I tested whether $$$$ sushi was much better than $$ sushi (according to Yelp price ratings) and the conclusion is... it is much better! BUT, is $$$$ sushi worth all that money? No. I'd say the sushi was really worth $$$. It's kind of like buying clothes. Although designer clothes are better quality than your typical department store clothes, it's still over-inflated in pricing.

Onto this week's featured projects and recipes!

These chevron painted silhouette canvases would make any room pop. Such a great way of decorating your home! Find the tutorial at Craftionary.

July 5, 2011

Summer Night Magic

Because it's so hot outside, because I've got a cut up watermelon in the fridge, and because I miss those lazy summer evenings hanging out with nothing to do, I'm dedicating this post to feel good memories.

Carnival by eyeful

July 3, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #22 + Goodies

Happy almost 4th of July! I am in NY! :D Finally getting to spend some quality face time with hubby. We'll be going out and eating some very expensive sushi that I can't afford on a regular basis, hooray! May as well satisfy my curiosity of whether $$$$ sushi is that much better than $$ sushi (according to Yelp).

There were some super crafty posts from last week, it was soooo hard to choose. Folks, we've got some serious talent here. I really love these ideas below and I hope you do too :)

These waffles on a stick look so sweet and cute! I can't believe they stand up like that too! Find the recipe at Nifty Thrifty Things.