August 28, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #30 + Goodies

Hi everyone! How're you all doing this week? I've spent a wonderful month with my hubby while he was studying for the Step 2 (he's almost done with med school) but now he's started rotations again and left for somewhere far away today :( I'll be working as usual and waiting patiently for us to finally settle down somewhere together, like a real family. Don't worry, I make it sound much worse than it really is. Only half a year more until he's a resident, just like in "Scrubs," or "House," or even "Gray's Anatomy," which, btw, is also a required book in the curriculum.

This week, get ready for more quality projects to improve your life in some way or other! Thanks for being such a positive source on the internet! :)

Turn a plain clutch into a cute purse with this tutorial from The Kurtz Corner. You should see the before pictures. This purse is so cute!

These alphabet clay magnets would be so useful on a fridge. Make a set for yourself (or several sets) and leave messages for your family! Learn how at The Crafty Cpa.

I really need a board like this in my life, because once I start spacing out, my mental list of things to do flies out the window. But this dry erase clipboard is great for your kids as well ;) Thanks for The 36th Avenue for creating it!

Okay, maybe some of you already do this, but here's a nice reminder. If you don't have kids and don't need to make a list of fun activities for them, how about a container of inspirational messages to boost your morale when it's low? Or a bunch of chores, math problems, trivia questions, colors to wear for the day, etc. You'll think of something :) Find this project at How to Nest for Less.

Here's another nice home decor project. The colors, patterns, and methods are so well done! Learn how to do it at Fancy Frugal Life.

Make this sweet bread basket for your family breakfast and dinners! It's simple, easy to clean, and looks amazing. Find it at Nifty Thrifty Things.

More amazing craft projects:

Baked ratatouille! Who loved that movie? Who got really hungry while watching it? (me!) Anyway, try your hand at this from Like Mother , Like Daughter. Also check out her prosciutto wrapped asparagus and blueberry scones with orange glaze.

Time for some grandma's baked brownies. This classic recipe really is Babblin Brooke's grandmother's recipe, so it must be really good :)

If you love Red Lobster's cajun shrimp, give this recipe a try! Sunla Designs got this copycat recipe and her family loved it.

Would you like some lemon with your tea? How about in the form of a lemon loaf bread? This yummy dessert would probably go well with just about everything. Get the recipe at Hungry Homebody.

More recipes:


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Thanks for hosting Jen. Those were some awesome features. LOVE the clipboards, brilliant! The purse, and those desserts, ohhh CHOCOLATE, yummy!

Have a great night girl!!

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Thank you so much for hosting and featuring my bread basket, Jen! :D
Have a fabulous Sunday!

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Jen, thanks again for hosting!

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Thanks For featuring my Cajun Shrimp Recipe! I am sharing a Blackened Tilapia Recipe this week!


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Thank you for featuring my DIY Clutch! :)


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Thanks a bunch,
Lina @ Fancy Frugal Life

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Thank you for the feature! I'm linking up this week :)

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these seam so cute! thanks.