September 4, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #31 + Goodies

Happy Labor Day Weekend! My friends and I will be having a barbecue in the park, so I'm excited! There are also lots of good sales this weekend, but I need to not shop, so more stuff for everyone else, yay :) Have a great relaxing time, if nothing else, and check out this week's features!

Recycle a pair of jeans and a men's shirt into a cool messenger bag with this easy-to-follow tutorial from The Crafty Cpa! I'm sure the man in your life would wear this, but you can always take it from him.

Speaking of jean bags, try making this one for a casual slouchy look. It's super cute and the tie is a great addition! Find the tutorial at Live. Love. Craft.

Check out Pressed Down, Shaken Together's multitude of crafts in her extreme cubicle makeover. My favorite is the "milk" bottle project, shown above. It's so simple!

I don't think I've ever posted a ruffly flower tutorial so here's one from Craft Buds. Imagine all the possibilities using different fabrics and quantities!

You've probably seen mini-food jewelry around and couldn't choose one because they're all so cute! Now you can learn how to make a donut pendant by checking out Missy Polyclay's tutorial.

These salt-dough creations are such a great idea for entertaining kids. I would have had so much fun making these if only my parents thought of the idea. Good thing Mom On Time Out is sharing the activity!

For Some Free Downloadable Art:

How unique and interesting is this strawberry ice cake? I love it! This definitely worth trying. I bet my friends would be really impressed :) By Fancy Frugal Life.

Whoa, peach cobbler! Good thing autumn's coming. Perfect time for some pie. Get the recipe at A Step in the Journey.

These "Mt. Bachelor Bars" would make such good/portable snacks to bring to parties/dinners/luncheons, and they look like they came out of a fancy dessert store! Very impressive, Making Memories. Also check out her cinnamon roll pancakes.

I guess you could say I sometimes disproportionately feature desserts here... but what can I say. They look good, they taste good, they're full of sugar... anyway. Check out these cranberry-orange cupcakes by Lady Behind the Curtain! Also check out her country-fried steak with mushroom gravy.

More Recipes:

Lastly, take a trip through Holland and live vicariously through Nifty Thrifty Things. I mean, why not? How often do we get to travel to Holland? (Don't answer this if you actually do travel there a lot!)


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