October 19, 2011

China (part 2)

I came back from vacation almost 2 weeks ago and this is a continuation of pictures from my post last week, which was more about the streets of Beijing. This time I'm focusing on food because that's what we're all interested in, right? I mean, who doesn't love food? Once again, excuse the unprofessional quality of the pictures, including tilted angles :) You know, I just can't seem to stand still and take a picture at the same time.

[Warning: image heavy!]

Sugar-coated hawthorne berries on a stick! Sooooo good and probably healthy since I'm eating fruit, right?

This is a seafood and meat-filled dumpling-like thing, kind of like dim sum, except dim sum is from Southern China (like Canton and Hong Kong), whereas this dish is authentically Beijing.

Fancy people making the wrappings for the aforementioned dish, for all to watch. The wrappings are super thin and even, but not easily broken. It looks like it takes lots of skill.

Some kind of spicy dish with bean noodles, enoki mushrooms, preserved eggs, and other stuff. This was in Shenyang.

Pan-toasted dumplings and a variety of other dishes in Shenyang.

Bamboo appetizer dish. Very refreshing.

Ribs in pumpkin. Perfect for halloween! It's cut so well too.

A restaurant in Shenyang that's rural-themed. There's a huge selection of raw items that you can choose from when you walk in and they make it into whatever dish you order. Here's a small area with some seafood. The two bowls on the far left are river crabs individually bound with rope.

2nd floor of the rural-themed restaurant. So cute :)

Hard-working donkey grinding soybeans to make fresh tofu, which is one of the dishes this restaurant is known for. Apparently the donkey works from 6pm - 9pm everyday (or every weekday?). There's a sign on the wall praising the donkey employee for working so hard and never asking for money.

Super freshly made tofu. Thanks Mr. Donkey. I greatly appreciated and enjoyed this dish.

There's also an old sewing machine lying around in this restaurant, among many other items found in rural homes in China. It's like a museum, except with great food!

Lamb, beef, and beef tendon kabobs at a Korean restaurant in Koreatown, of Shenyang. The grill thing moves and rotates the kabobs automatically so they're all evenly cooked without me touching them. Genius. I need one at home.

Interesting veggie tower. The greens are olive leaves. I didn't know you can eat them!

Meats. Not sure what kinds but I'm pretty sure at least one of them is beef.

Sugar-coated taro and other cute white puffy stuff. I like how they put sprinkles on top ^__^

Starbucks! It's everywhere.

Zara! One of my favorite stores, except it's way more expensive in China than it is in the U.S. due to tariffs(?). I'll just buy from them here in California...

Walmart, it's also everywhere. I didn't go inside, but now I regret it. I wonder if it's like the Walmarts we have here.

American junk food, taking over the world!

And that's where Bally Total Fitness comes in. I swear they're in on it together. I almost joined the Bally's about a mile from my house :(

Lastly, I leave you with this. A guy selling vegetables who fell asleep outside of his house or store. Guess business isn't too good.


galla15 said...

Sounds like an AMAZING trip!!! Thank you for sharing all the pics. I wish I could try some of the food you have posted about!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

You made me hungry. Everything looks so fresh and wonderful!!!

Kandy Disenos said...

I´m hungry now too! ^^ lol

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

What an amazing trip... thanks for sharing with us!

Lostlemonade said...

So how were those berries on a stick? They look delicious, like everything else, except the walmart, bally's and the sleeping guy.

Over The Moon Gifts said...

Love the pics! Now I want to go!!

adventuresindinner said...

Fantastic! I would have weighed a 1000 lbs. after going there.

BorneoBatikraft said...

AMAZING FOOOOOOODDDD it makes me miss home!!!!! pant pant!!!!

Those meats are beef and goat and duck and pork!!!! And they look DELICIOUS 0_o

Jesse Ciani said...

Great Post! I enjoyed every aspect of your Trip.

Romantic.Treasures said...

Must have been an amazing trip! I have never even left North America - makes me green with envy!
- Sharon (RomanticThoughts)

Charlene said...

Sounds wonderful! So glad you had a great trip. It looks like the weather was great too!

nangatesdesigns said...

Love seeing your pictures! Very interesting to see American retail in other countries. Glad you had a great trip!

Charlie said...

I have loved traveling in Asia, but I have yet to make it to China in particular. Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

ElfRenee said...

I think your pictures are awesome!!

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Thanks so much for sharing all those awesome pics, so nice to see other country's dishes. The last one is hilarious!!