November 13, 2011

Sunday Linky Party #38 + Goodies

I think this week's features could be called the "Home Edition," because they're mostly home decor projects. Of course I didn't plan it that way, but that's what happened. Today, I'm going to a work-organized potluck, and I'm not sure what to bring. I'm thinking a chocolate dessert, since that's my favorite, so maybe the brownie bites with pumpkin cheesecake mousse by Pressed Down, Shaken Together, featured in the last linky party. Thanks girl! :) Hopefully it'll turn out as nice as the pictures look.

If you have a ton of jewelry and tend to leave them in a disorganized mess (like I do), this may be the project that will greatly improve your life. Thanks to this useful tutorial from The 36th Avenue, you can have the most amazing jewelry board ever :) Check out her pillowcases with pockets project too!

I love the rustic simplicity of this tree stump table. It looks easy enough, but it takes more steps than one would expect, especially in getting the right stain. You'll find a very useful tutorial at From Gardners to Bergers!

Head over to Simcoe Street for gallery wall layout ideas! She's gathered many various possibilities from all over the web and included tips for organizing your frames in a formation you'd like. My favorite one is the picture above. I really like those plates :) Also check out her very easy (and sentimental) ornaments tutorial.

Are you a big fan of Photoshop? I know not all of us have it because it's so damn expensive, but I really can't live without it! After all, I use it so much (for making my blog header, background, and adjusting the quality of my photos because I use a crappy, ancient, point-and-click camera for everything). So Cathy Lee Photography is giving away free Photoshop actions that can give your pictures a warm or rosy look, as shown above. I looove the apple cider! (For those who want a free photo-manipulation program that's very very similar to Photoshop and is much better than those website options, check out GIMP).

Three projects using one medium! I like! Hop on over to Fancy Frugal Life for lessons on using really pretty paper (vintage music paper) to make various home decor.

And now, a Christmas project! It's never too early right? After all, these things take time, and there's always procrastination involved. These patchwork ornaments from Scout's Stitches are so cute. I think it'd be even cuter if they were stuffed with cotton or dried scented flowers, so.. the tree would smell better, you know? Although pine also smells pretty good.

This apple cider coffee cake looks sooo amazing!!! Maybe I should make this for the office potluck? It's got the uniqueness factor, plus the seasonal appeal, and there's caramel. Hmm... needs to be easy though, since I don't want to screw it up... Well, after looking through the recipe, this might be it! Thanks Pressed Down, Shaken Together!

Andes mint cupcakes! Combining the two wonders -- chocolate cupcakes and Andes mints -- into one bigger wonder. They invoke images in my mind of climbing the Swiss Alps. Am I being too delusional? Anyway, find the recipe at The Kurtz Corner.

If you feel that you must get some vitamins from every meal, then have a carrot cake and feel accomplished. Looking at the ingredients, it's probably one of the healthier desserts out there. You can probably even substitute the veggie oil for coconut oil, which will give it a slight coconut aroma. Find it at Will Cook for Smiles! Also try her sausage jambalaya.

Lastly, have some interesting cookies. These are caramel stuffed apple cider cookies, from The Rickett Chronicles. I've never had a cookie like this so I'm interested in trying some. She says they're super easy to make, although they look pretty impressive!

More recipes:


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Thanks for hosting Jen!

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Thanks for letting me show off my tree stump table! I really appreciate both the feature and your hosting this party!!

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adventuresindinner said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my tomato soup. Hope you like cabbage rolls this week. Must go find a tree stump right now.

adventuresindinner said...

Ok, I'm worried that my comment is going to be taken sarcastically. Seriously, I love that end table a will copy that idea as soon as possible.

Mamie said...

Thanks for highlighting my chicken and wild rice casserole!

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Hi! just popped in to link up and saw my wedding monograms up there! thanks so much! What a great birthday gift to me! ha!
Fancy Frugal Life

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Thanks for featuring my cookies! They really are so simple to make.