December 28, 2011

5 Second Rule, yes or no?

I'm sure there were lots of food-dropping in the past month, especially as it's the season for stuffing oneself. There are always a few people who totally abide by the 5 second rule (and maybe since I'm not one of them, I think I'm in the majority, but I could be wrong). So how nice of The Body Odd to have an article that hopefully brings light to the controversial and long-debated rule.

Here's the video from the original article, if you'd prefer watching it.

Basically, Nadine Wimmer (of the KSL news program from Utah), left pacifiers and graham crackers on the ground of four locations for 5 seconds, then took them to a lab for testing.

E. coli Plush Microbe by scientificculture

Both the pacifiers and the crackers were contaminated. In the suburban mom's kitchen floor (which was the cleanest location, according to the test), the graham crackers showed light to moderate amounts of bacteria; the pacifiers showed light traces of bacteria, yeast, and mold. On the driveway, the crackers and pacifiers had bacteria and heavy amounts of mold and yeast. The crackers and pacifiers dropped under the tables and in the walkways of a local diner also had light amounts of yeast, bacteria, and mold.

Screen Printed Handkerchief Amoeba by UrbanBirdandCo

None of the items from the four locations had serious germs like salmonella or strep, but who knows how clean other untested locations are? So what do you think?

What's Under the Microscope by cleodee

Soap - Campylobacter in a Petri Dish by CleanerScience

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Bumblebee and Sophie said...

I had to laugh, we used the 10 second rule when my kids were growing up...they are all healthy adults.

I think we have become too fearful of germs. Everything is sanitized and we wash hands so often that our bodies never have the chance to "get used" to the germs around us.

One flaw I saw in the "research" is did they do a control where they took the items, the pacifier , and the crackers straight out of the package and tested them. The packaging is not sterile , would be curious to know what bacteria might be lurking in the packaging...

I will continue to stick to my 10 second rule, without fear.

adventuresindinner said...

To be honest, I used to be a total germaphobe but now with a toddler our whole lives run on the 5 second rule and she literally has never been sick for longer than a 24 hour cold.

nicci said...

I wonder if the pacifier was new out of the package? I am sure they contain bacteria, mold and yeast right out of my kid's mouth

My husband is a germaphobe and I really don't get too excited about the germs. He catches every bug, me nothing. Makes me wonder if he is phobic because he catches everything or if he catches everything because he is so "clean"