January 4, 2012

11 Obvious Findings of 2011

One of our favorite things to do at the beginning of the year is to look back at highlights from the previous year. That's what The Body Odd did with this article, which I'm sharing/summarizing here. It's a list of obvious things we already know, except with scientific findings to back them up! Sometimes reality does follow logical reasoning :)

Unsafe sex is more likely after drinking: Who knew? Canadian researchers found that for 0.1 milligram-per-milliliter increase in participants' blood alcohol levels, the likelihood of having unprotected sex increased by 5%.

Red Wine Glass Gold Lighthouse by skyspirit8studios

Men appear confident by suppressing fear, pain, and empathy: Published in December in the Social Psychology Quarterly, managing emotional manhood plays a key role in maintaining unequal social arrangements.

Macho Man Randy Savage eating ice cream by BettyTurbo

Smoking pot and driving isn't safe: Published in October in the Epidemiologic Reviews, those who drove within 3 hours of smoking pot and those who tested positive for it were more than twice as likely as other drivers to get into a car crash. The risk increased with the use/level of the drug.

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Pigs love mud: A research in 2011 found that wallowing in mud was a sign of pig well-being.

Teacup pig, needle felted by TCMfeltDesigns

Fashion magazines glorify youth: I think you just need to open any magazine with people in it to realize this. Researchers in the Journal of Aging Studies found that 22% of readers of Essence are older than 50, yet only 9% of the women/models in the magazine were older than 40. Vogue had only 1 woman older than 40 on its covers in 2010 (Halle Berry).

Watercolor Fashion Illustration by silverridgestudio

People with generous partners have happy marriages: According to researchers with the National Marriage Project, half of women and 46% of men who reported above-average generosity (in performing seemingly selfless acts, like offering back rubs) in their marriages described themselves as "very happy" in their relationships, versus only 14% of those who reported low levels of generosity.

His & Hers Happily Married by MellyMo

Parents don't think their kids are doing drugs: According to a poll released by the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, the study found that while most parents believed at least 60% of 10th graders drink alcohol, only 10% thought their own children did. Actually, 52% of the surveyed 10th graders reported drinking alcohol and 28% used marijuana.

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People aren't doing anything particular on the Internet: According to a Pew Research report, 53% of people ages 18-29 go online at least once a day just to pass time. 58% of adults said they sometimes go online for no reason except casual entertainment.

Large Self-Inking Facebook Stamp by Wacodis

Restricting driver's licenses decreases teen fatalities: Researchers at the Institute for Research and Evaluation reported in November that fatal automobile crash rates among 16- and 17-year-olds fell 8%-14% in states that enacted graduated-licensing laws, such as rules against night driving and the number of passengers a teen can drive around.

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Most shoppers ignore nutrition labels: Using an eye-tracking device, a study found that only about 1% of volunteers looked at information about total fat, trans fat, sugar, and serving size on labels, although 20%-31% said they look at those categories when they shopped. It also found that the average consumer doesn't read past the fifth line of the label.

Nutrition Label Onesie by greensheepapparel

Presidents outlive their contemporaries: According to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, although being president is very stressful, the job also comes with great medical care, among other perks.

George Washington sitting by linedraw

Can't wait to see what else is discovered in 2012 :)


Katie said...

Interesting blog post today. I like the one about marriage though. My hubby is very generous, always doing things for me and I do the same for him. It makes our marriage wonderful!!!!

Kathleen said...

I love reading and digesting "trivia"... gives me more information for my sister to call me a Know-it-all LOL

BorneoBatikraft said...

LOL who knew eh :P But it was an interesting blog post! And here I was just looking for casual entertainment :D :D Time to go wallow in some mud for my wellbeing :D

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Thanks for the trivia!

Lostlemonade said...

Amazing what scientists can find out, isn't it? Who knew? lol!

magdamagda fashion said...

Not surprised:)) That's the world we're living in!

Crystal said...

interesting information

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whew! so glad we now have scientific evidence to back up no-brainers!
extremely entertaining, thanks!

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Very fun and interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

MagicByLeah said...

Interesting thoughts, I like how you put funny photos with serious and funny facts

Ruth said...

Very interesting trivial facts,love the pictures :)

theMayflower said...

Very interesting facts! As a college student, I can definitely say that all the facts related to drugs, alcohol and sex are all true, not that I have experienced any of that....

CalliopeCreations said...

These are terrific. Some were really funny. Thanks for sharing.

galla15 said...

Well all very true, but sad that it took research for some people to figure it out LOL

Charlie said...

I hope that the tax payers didn't fund all these studies! Thanks for sharing all the fun facts and great job selecting pictures.