February 28, 2012

How Memory Works {infographic}

If you're having trouble remembering stuff or if you're just curious about how your memory works (and then possibly devise strategies for improving it), I found a great infographic that will explain it all to you in pictures and minimum number of words! Yay for less words (that's less to remember :)

via Online Colleges

Click above for the original poster-size image (that you can print out if you'd like) or click here for the original source.

February 26, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #52 + Goodies

Can I say, wow, there were soooo many amazing recipes last week? Once again, it was super tough picking which ones to feature... just excruciating! Please check them out and the ones listed in the "more recipes" section too. Have a great Sunday! :)

Dress up your hair with embellished bobby pins by The Life of a Cheap Chickadee! The above photo is just a sample of all the cute decorative ideas so click the link for more. I imagine children, adults, and possibly your best friend will love a "hard" day's work of making the most unique hair accessories ever :)

February 21, 2012

Unique & Free Fonts

If you've ever tried making a poster or a card on the computer, you'll know how frustrating it is to not have the perfect font that captures your message. Well, hopefully I've made your life a little easier by compiling a gallery of some fonts that I've found and really like!

Blanch font

February 19, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #51 + Goodies

Hi all, how's it going? I decided to try to be healthier by walking/hiking on the weekends, even for just short periods of time, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself so far :) This week is another week of really interesting projects. I learn so much from all linked blogposts, so here are some that I think will be really helpful! Also, check out the yummy recipes :)

How cute is this teacup lamp? It's just adorable and reminds me of the tea party in Alice in Wonderland!  Learn how to make one at Twigg Studios.

February 14, 2012

Ingenious Words For V-Day (pt. 2)

So last year, I gathered a few Valentine's Day e-cards from Some Ecards which I thought were very funny or endearing, and this year, they did not disappoint again! So here are a few to send to others, share, or for your entertainment :)

February 12, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #50 + Goodies

It'll be Valentine's Day in two days so here are some crafts and recipes to get you prepared for a very personal and handmade day! Yes, take back the spirit of the holiday from the big commercial companies by making everything yourself :) Well, what do you think? Once again, I had a hard time choosing which projects and recipes to feature this week... there is so much talent! Have a wonderful Sunday.

The above two pictures are for two projects that would work great together. The first one is from The Painted Hive, which includes a very useful magic decal transfer tutorial and free printables, great for adding poshness to your jars and other glassware. The second is from Making Memories, which finds great uses for easier-to-get jars, in case you want to utilize items you might normally throw in the recycling bin, and it also comes with a link to free printables! :)

February 7, 2012

Inspiring Mini Stories

Today, I discovered a site called Makes Me Think (MMT), where anyone can submit short, thought-provoking stories that have touched their lives in some way. Maybe many of you already know about it. I found the site though Marc and Angel Hack Life, which selected an exceptional list of very mini stories that touched my heart. I'm going to list a few of my favorites:

Let the Music Play, Guitar by ShadetreePhotography

"Today, it’s been ten years since my abusive ex-fiancĂ© sold my favorite guitar. He sold it on the day I left him. When I went to claim my belongings, he was proud that he had sold it to a pawn shop. Luckily, I managed to track down the guy who bought it from the pawn shop. He was really sweet, and gave it back to me for free, on the condition that I accompany him on his front porch for an hour to play guitar with him. He grabbed a second guitar and we ended up sitting there on his porch for the rest of the afternoon playing music, talking, and smiling. He’s been my husband for nine years now. MMT"

February 5, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #49 + Goodies

It's less than two weeks until Valentine's Day, so if you're celebrating, there are some great projects in this week's gallery :) And jeez, this is sort of a longer gallery. There were too many things I wanted to feature (it was especially hard choosing between the recipes).

It was also Groundhog's Day this past week! It's not a very exciting holiday, but it is one of the best movies (in my opinion) ever. I think I might start a tradition of watching the movie every Groundhog's Day... I wonder how many years I'd last. Oh, and just for the record, Punxsutawney Phil has been wrong more times than right. Google it!

Make some cute 3D pop-out art, like this heart canvas, from Twigg Studios. It's so adorable and a perfect way to express your inner romantic ;)

February 1, 2012

Scarcity of Women = Men Spending More

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how about an article about the ways men compete for women? I found this interesting (and funny) post on Science Daily, which reports that the perception of a scarcity of women causes men to become impulsive, save less, and increase borrowing.

Wall-E Anniversary Photo Art Print by CharlenePrecious