April 1, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #57 + Goodies

Hi all, hope you're having a great Sunday. Unfortunately, I have some sad news to tell you, which is, this will be the last Sunday Linky Party and I will be closing down this blog, selling my house, and going to travel across the world doing odd jobs in order to experience living in the moment. I'm not sure where to start yet, but maybe begin in South America, cross over to Africa, then up to the Middle East, through Asia, up to Europe, cross over to Canada, and eventually end back in the United States again. What do you think?

Anyway, I'm just kidding, because it's April Fool's Day! :) And I don't actually own a house to sell. So enjoy this gallery and the rest of your weekend! Oh yeah, this blog and the Linky Parties will continue ^___^

Happy spring! If getting fresh bouquets of flowers to fill your kitchen with are a bit pricey or causes allergy issues, you can still have a gorgeous paper flower bouquet that requires no maintenance for the rest of your life :) Make some for yourself by following the tutorial from Inspired by Family Magazine. Also, get inspired by decorative ideas from their April showers party.

Dress up your shoes with shoe clips and maybe you'll be able to hold back on buying more pairs :) Luckily, these are easy to make and very versatile. Check it out at By Wilma.

Add visual interest to your home with this beautiful 3D pallet string art! I love how geometric the strings look, they remind me of little suspension bridges :) Find this beautiful tutorial at Twigg Studios and check out her felt flower shopping bag too.

Instead of buying that chic new ottoman at the store, how about giving your old one a complete makeover? Well, From Gardners to Bergers proves that it can be done with seriously amazing results!

If you're planning an Easter party and need matching cards, gift tags, bookmarks, stationary, candy wrappers, treat toppers, labels, banners, and more, you'll definitely want to head over to Printabelle for all your free-downloading-printable needs!

A craft and snack in one! I'm sure whoever you surprise with a bouquet of these cupcake liner daffodils will be delighted. These would also be a hit at a spring party. Find it at Seven Year Cottage.

For the yummiest and coolest appetizers, make these fun strawberry shortcake kabobs(?) and you can bet they'll be gone the minute they're put on the table. Get this recipe at Lady Behind the Curtain and try her bacon and green bean potato salad too.

How cute are these egg shaped brownies? Imagine the surprise when your buddies crack open an egg to find this :) Perfect April Fool's joke! Don't worry, the shells have been thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Find this at Making Memories, plus unicorn poop cookies and gooey cookie and cream bars.

Layoff the greasy bagged chips and snack on something healthier, like these salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas. They're cheap, easy to make, and good for you! Get the recipe at Inspired by Felicity Blog.

Surprise your family with a delicious steak dianne dinner! I'm not really sure what a steak dianne is, but it looks yummy and I love steak :) Will Cook for Smiles even made a video for those who need extra help. Also try her borsch and strawberry honey parfait.

More recipes:

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Inspired By Felicity said...

Thank you so much for featuring my link! You really had me going with the April Fool's joke. This is why I hate April Fools day - because I'm so gullible I always fall hook, line and sinker for everything!

Bella said...

You totally had me going when I was reading that! lol Too funny! :) Thanks for hosting these linky parties, I love looking at all the creativity each week. :)

Natasha in Oz said...

Well I too fell for it all hook line and sinker! I honestly thought you were ready to give it all away and go on an adventure! I'm really glad to hear you pranked us!

Best wishes and thanks for having me on this April Fools day!
Natasha in Oz

Lady Behind The Curtain said...

Thank You for featuring my Strawberry Shortcake Appetizer! Today I am sharing my Soft Pretzels and my Easter/Spring Centerpiece! Have a GREAT weekend and Thanks for hosting! ---Sheryl---

From Gardners 2 Sergers said...

Hey Jen!
Thanks so much for sharing my ottoman makeover!
And another big thanks for your April Fools joke! I know- tha reminded me what day it was and I was able to quickly trick the bubs with my own joke! We love to be the one who tricked the other each year! I win!! Haha!
So thanks for both!!
xoxo Becca

Aisling said...

Thanks for the Feature. I'm still trying to work out what April Fools joke I can play on my kids Sunday School class in a couple of hours time. hmmmmmmmmm

Desiree @ The 36th AVENUE said...

Great features as always... I hope you had a great week and I wish a wonderful new one.

Winnie said...

Thank you Jen for hosting this party

Unknown said...

This is my first time at your blog and I was coming to link up and you totally got me! Thanks for the linky party!

aimee said...

thankyou for the feature xxxxx

Donata @ DK's Craft Cafe said...

Yea, you got me too! :))
I've always played with that thought, so I though you were going to live my life :)
Thanks for hosting, Jen, and have a great day!

Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things} said...

I was getting excited for you for a second. How fun would it be to travel the world?! ;)
But, I'm glad we get to keep you and the blog!
Thank you so much for hosting!

Lyuba @ Will Cook For Smiles said...

Ok, you actually did have me for a minute until I remembered that its April 1st!
Thank you for the feature! Thank you for hosting!

Anonymous said...

I totally bought your story! Thanks for hosting, and I'm so glad you'll be sticking around!

Alison Meade said...

Thank you for mentioning our Hatching Chick cake pops and Honey Ginger Salmon in your features!!

Unknown said...

You totally had me! I was ready to offer you a place to stay in Ottawa C: offer still stands)

Rachel said...

Great features - the shoe clips are genius!

CuteEverything.com said...

Hi Jen, Thanks so much for featuring my Peeps party printables! I just started my site about a month ago, so I'm very grateful and excited to be featured! And, you totally had me going on the shutting down your blog, so glad you aren't! Michelle from CuteEverything