July 17, 2012

You Can Die From a Broken Heart

Here's an interesting study I read about on Yahoo. According to a long-term study from the American Heart Association, you really can die from a broken heart!

HEALING - Art print ( mending a broken heart ) by shirae

Maybe you've heard stories of spouses dying within days of each other from a heart attack, or the death of a mother after her child passes away? (I personally haven't heard of these occurrences through the family/friends grapevine, but maybe you have). Well, this report suggests that a grieving person is 21 times more likely to have a heart attack right after the death of a loved one.

Rose photograph by NomadahPhotography

The study, done by doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, found that although patients with a history of heart problems are more prone to attacks after the death of a loved one, those with perfectly healthy hearts are also at risk for deadly attacks.

In a separate study, women were found to be 7.5 times more likely than men to have heart attacks in the early stages of grieving. The number rises to 9.5 times more likely for women under 55. This seriously adds new meaning to the traditions of bringing food and sending one's love to grieving families, doesn't it? We really need to check up on our loved ones when their loved ones have passed (and hope that our family and friends will know when we're vulnerable, too). A grieving heart is not to be taken lightly!

Read the entire article here, at Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

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Glitterbird Glamour said...

Very touching and thought provoking.

Charlene said...

Always a good reminder to pray for those who have lost a loved one, and do whatever you can for them.

* said...

Unique Cozy Treasures - Thank you for sharing this. I knew it had to be true.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Jen, So sad but TRUE! My grandmother died on the same date my grandfather died... 30 years later. We all swear she picked the date because she missed him so!

Aulani Photography and BH Giveaways said...

That is very sad yet I can understand being in so much pain that something happens.