September 12, 2012

Review: Cygnett Alumni iPad Case

Hi all, if you're getting a new iPad (or already bought one) and are deciding on a case for it, give this one a look over. I was given an iPad case about a month ago from Cygnett, and after some use, I'm now ready to write a review about it.

Here it is! Ta-da! As you can see, I cleaned up my front page a little bit...

I received the Alumni case, with the canvas exterior (which is nice and sturdy and doesn't scratch, although unlike leather/pleather, it's not gonna handle spills very well). There are four colors to choose from: Black, Jade, Cobalt, and Pink. The Jade looked like a fresh minty green to me on Cygnett's website so I chose that one, but it's actually more like a strong greenish turquoise, which is also nice, just not exactly what I had expected.

As you can see, the green looks much lighter on the photo from their website.

I currently have an iPad 2, which is shown in the photos. My husband's getting the new iPad, which we're still waiting for. I think I'll trade him mine.

A few things I noticed:
  • This case is made to fit both the new iPad and the iPad 2.
  • This case is very light, a little over 1 lb.
  • I like the feel of the canvas fabric.
  • It's cover has a magnetic closure, which keeps the case closed while giving it a clean look, however it can be opened easily (whether that's good or bad is up to you to decide).
  • It supposedly has a "sleep/wake" function, which should put the iPad to sleep when you close the cover and turn it back on when you open it. This didn't work very well for me. I had to slam the cover shut pretty hard in order to put my iPad to sleep. If having a reliable "sleep/wake" function is important to you, this may not be the case you're looking for (unless the one you get is more reliable than mine).
  • I like that it has a folder in the cover to keep my notes/scribbles/handouts and such.
  • The buttons along the sides of the iPad are easy to reach.
  • There's an opening in the back for the 2nd camera.
  • It can stand on horizontally and vertically.

Here are a few photos showing where everything is:

The iPad slides in from this side. That little tab tucks into a sleeve and holds the iPad inside.

Standing horizontally.

Sleep button.

Volume buttons.

Charging port.

What it looks like in the case.

Description in the back.

Overall, I like this case and how it looks. I think this would be great for a young person who likes colorful things and who's probably going to stuff this into a crammed bag. I actually saw the Alumni case as well as other Cygnett cases at a huge discount on Zulily (a deals shopping site for moms and babies) over the weekend, but unfortunately it was only for a couple of days and was over by Sunday night so I couldn't post it here :( Oh well.

If you'd like to read about this canvas iPad case, you can check out the product page here. There's also a video there that describes how it works as well as the sleep/wake function. If you already have one of these, what did you think of it?


Stacie White said...

Wow this is really awesome you can do so many things with it

Romantic.Treasures said...

I still have a phone that just operates as a phone. I guess I live in the "dark ages". I do have one question, though - I thought you were always supposed to keep magnets away from computers and such devices ( and screens).

Gabby Schleich said...

Very nice review, unfortunately not something I will be able to purchase anytime soon. I am still trying to figure out all the features on my phone :)

Ariella Kirtley said...

Great looking case! I don't have an iPad (I prefer having a physical keyboard, so I'm sticking with my netbook for the moment), but I'll have to remember the company if I ever change my mind.

Bill Guest said...

great review!! i haven't broken down and gotten and I pad yet but I am sure I will soon!!

BijiBijoux said...

I bought my husband an Ipad few months ago to use it for his new business. also I bought the cover similar to this one. It's awesome how we can use it in many ways. Thanks for sharing with us this company. Pretty colors.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Nice case. I use the one that came with my keyboard.

Dorene said...

I need to get a cover for my iPad. Thank you for the review!

jazs07 said...

The iPad case seems to be pretty in design, overall hows the quality of the case?

@ariella there are some cases that has a keyboard which you can use on your iPad.

mahasiswa teladan said...

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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