December 30, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #91 + Goodies

Hi all, hope you had a good Christmas Eve/Day or just a good week in general! Now it's time for the New Year, which means new beginnings and resolutions. So now that we've learned the world didn't end, what are your plans for making 2013 better than 2012? My resolution is to be more physically active and buy less stuff. I generally try not to buy things I don't need, but I think I can do better. But I suppose that if there's a time to get some great deals, January would be the best month... And that's how I get in trouble.

Anyway, check out this week's gallery of fun projects and recipes!

Check out this gorgeous punched tin ornament/candle holder! It looks like something you can find at a posh home decor store. I also love the gold/black combo, which looks so sophisticated :) Get the tutorial at The Thinking Closet!

December 16, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #90 + Merry Christmas!

Hi all, hope you're having a good weekend! Only one more week until Christmas, so I'm sure everyone's preparing for the home stretch :) Luckily, the craft portion of this week's gallery is all Christmas ornaments (which wasn't planned, I swear!), followed by some holiday sweets which I'm sure your friends and family will enjoy. As for next weekend, I will be taking it off (holiday weekend ;) so the next Sunday Linky Party will be on Dec. 30th. So until then, please have a wonderful and safe holiday season! Take care and enjoy yourselves whether it's hectic or relaxing!

Make these easy clay ornaments using ingredients found in your home! This is a great project to do with family, especially kids. Have everyone add their personal mark to your Christmas tree :) Find this at Lemon & Lime Thyme.

December 9, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #89 + Goodies

Just came back from the office holiday party and I'm so tired. Plus I have a headache. But it was delicious and fun, and we played the White Elephant party game, except everyone had to bring something they already own that's been lying around the house as a gift, which made it very interesting. If you're not familiar with what a White Elephant party is, basically, everyone brings one gift that could be given to anyone else at the party, puts them in a pile, then picks a number. Whoever goes first picks a gift from the pile and anyone else afterwards can steal one of the already opened gifts or pick an unopened one. Each gift can only be stolen twice. Now when you throw in the whole "used" part into the game, you get a bunch of really interesting stuff. For example, a jazzercise video from the '80s, an old real pigskin football, a creepy hand on a stick... yeah, don't know where my coworkers got that.

Anyway, are any of you hosting a White Elephant Christmas party?

You know there'll be lots of wine-drinking this season (except for me because I'm pregnant), and this is such a great way to make use of all of those wine corks! Instead of throwing them away, make lots of stamps and get started on decorating your wrapping paper and cards! Great idea, Soap Deli News :)

December 2, 2012

Sunday Linky Party #88 + Goodies

Hi all, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fruitful Black Friday/Cyber Monday (if you participated in the frenzy!) I spent dinner with the in-laws and another dinner with my dad's side of the family (on different nights, of course), and I definitely ate too much, especially now that my tummy's getting pretty large so it's uncomfortable to eat too much at once! As for house-hunting, we found one and hopefully will get to move in before Christmas, although if we miss that deadline, I'll still be thankful we've found a new place to live :) I can't wait to start decorating the place and finally getting into baby-room-designing! As for now, I can only look at all these amazing diy projects online and bookmark them until the time comes. I'm really itching to start though!

Although it's hard to tell from the photo, those banners are actually made from aluminum cans! Yep, make use of all those soda cans and make a metallic faux zinc banner, from Twigg Studios. Try her other tutorials, too: hanging Christmas bauble vase, winter wonderland bauble, Christmas made easy, and glitter pumpkin place settings.