January 27, 2013

Sunday Linky Party #95 + Goodies

Happy Sunday again! :) The Super Bowl is coming up, so does that mean you're all busy preparing appetizers and other yummy dishes for the family and friends to munch on (for the Americans, that is :) It's kind of a big deal in the U.S., as it's probably the only country where American football is the most important sport, ever (and what every other country calls "football" is called soccer here). Anyway, I'm not a big sports nut but it's impossible to escape the hype because San Francisco's own 49'ers will be playing in it! (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area). Anyway, enough about that and more about this week's crafts and recipes, which are all really good, btw.

How cute is this crochet pillow? I love the triangles and color combination! Check out the tutorial at Meeha Meeha (although you'll need to have a little crochet knowledge first for the triangles, but I'm sure that's not too hard to find on google).

January 20, 2013

Sunday Linky Party #94 + Goodies!

Here's to another weekend and another Sunday Linky Party! Just glad the days are getting longer again and it's not pitch dark when I'm driving home from work. There are a lot of cute tutorials/recipes this week, must be because Valentine's Day and the promise of Spring is coming soon! Hope you like the ones I chose! :)

Don't let winter and the inability to get some nice fresh flowers stop you from having flower-filled vases around the house. Follow Twigg Studios' tutorial for these beautiful crepe paper peonies and you'll be reminded of Spring in no time! Try these other tutorials, too: trinket box transformation, popsicle stick mini crate, and clay photo frames.

January 13, 2013

Sunday Linky Party #93 + Goodies

Happy Sunday all! Here's to the second weekend of 2013. Anyone else ready to get over Christmas and jump to Valentine's Day? And how are those New Year's resolutions going? I went to Home Depot today and am pumped up by all the materials there. Can't wait to pick out some flooring, carpet, and paint colors! :)

Now, let's get onto this week's features!

Want to exfoliate while you wash? Then this 2-in-1 solid sugar scrub and soap is exactly what you're looking for. They make cute presents too! Check it out at Soap Deli News (which is a great place for lots and lots of bath and beauty recipes).

January 6, 2013

Sunday Linky Party #92 + Goodies

Happy first Sunday of 2013! :) Hope you all had a fun and festive New Year's Eve/Day! My husband and I are now officially first time homeowners (we literally closed on 12/31/12) and I can finally start getting stuff ready for our soon-to-be-here baby girl! I'm due in a little less than 3 months, and we've got to move and get the kitchen remodeled before she comes. The appliances don't work and the shelves in all of the cabinets are warped -___- but that's okay, because it means I'll eventually have a nicer kitchen. Unfortunately, the bathroom's also really old so a few things need some updating... Good thing I'm into home improvement projects and now I've created the perfect scenario for testing out everything I've learned through diy blog-reading! Ha ha ha.... :)

Now, onto this week's features:

Make these heart-shaped solid sugar scrubs for your Valentine, your friends, or yourself :) Spoil your skin during this winter with this recipe from Soap Deli News. For other skin goodies, try her hand-milled Valentine's Day soap and shimmer body glitter gel/eyeshadow.