February 17, 2013

Sunday Linky Party #98 + Announcement

Hi all! Hope you're all having a good weekend :) I have an announcement to make, which is that I'm nearing my due date (very near) so I am taking the next month or so off to relax, not work, catch up on house-moving/decorating (finally), and, of course, take care of the baby. So actually, the next month or so would not include much relaxing... oh well. I'm also planning to do something about this blog, which has been poorly and guiltily neglected for a long while (mostly after I transferred from grad-student status to full-time-employee status) :/ What am I planning to do? Well, I'd like to finally move my little blogspot blog to its own domain and actually write more personal posts again, such as sharing my recipes/crafts/stuff. The Sunday Linky Party will go on though, and as of now, the next Sunday Linky Party will be on March 31, 2013. So please check back then for the party and for more information, if you'll still remember! :)

Here's another flower tutorial of beautiful paper dahlias from Twigg Studios (how many paper flower tutorials can she possibly make? Yet they're always so impressive!). Check out her satin flower tutorial and butterfly cookies, too.

February 10, 2013

Sunday Linky Party #97 + Goodies

Hi all, this is an exciting weekend because... it's Chinese New Year (aka Lunar New Year) today AND it'll be Valentine's Day on Thursday! Do you know what that means? If you've already fallen off the wagon for your New Year's resolutions (remember those from January 1st?), here's your chance to start again. Unfortunately, if your resolution was to quit chocolate, good luck with that when Valentine's Day rolls around. Anyway, time to check out this week's features :)

I love this fingerprint people idea from Art Club Blog! These are so cute and would make great art pieces or wrapping paper for kids and adults to make!

February 3, 2013

Sunday Linky Party #96 + Goodies

Hi all, hope you're all having another great Sunday! After the end of this coming week, I will be going on maternity leave and busy building furniture that I ordered online which have been delivered to my house in pieces (of course). Annnnnd on another note, it's Super Bowl Weekend! Who's having a grunting man-party and not doing anything crafty (aside from making delicious appetizer dishes)? I'm just looking forward to shopping at near-empty stores because hopefully, most people will be indoors watching the game :) I found some awesome stuff at Marshall's lately so I want to go back and see what else is good. Anyway, check out this week's features!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, make this cute couple map silhouette art piece from The Crafty Scientist! Is there a reason why the girl looks like she has more connections to her heart?? Is it because we're supposed to be more complicated??? :)